Pepitone admits he doesn’t know how to do his job

In the Daily Journal today:

Election victory was a sweet but fleeting thing for Democratic Freeholders Joseph Pepitone and Nelson Thompson.

Pepitone, elected in 2007, has spent this year and much of last year watching the county’s fiscal situation unravel. Thompson had less of a honeymoon. He was appointed to a vacant seat in 2008 and won a one-year term in November 2009.

Unemployment is high in Cumberland County; county workers have lost their jobs and there is no relief to the recession in sight.

County spending and taxes have doubled under their master’s regime during the past decade. Pepirtone, groomed by Magazzu to take over leadership, has voted lock-step with Lou. Pepitone in meetings he has chaired has refused to allow the public to speak in open session. It is clear he doesn’t want to hear what the public has to say. What is more disconcerting, however, is that he admits he doesn’t have a clue himself.

“It’s the economy’s fault,” Pepitone said.

Some GOP attacks focus on whether the county spends too much, spends in the wrong places and taxes too much.

Pepitone said those charges don’t hold up. “It’s easy to say, ‘Decrease taxes,'” he said. “Well, how?”

Joe, you are on the wrong side of the issue by endorsing that disgusting ad. I lost any respect I had for you, the ad is tasteless, and you really do not want to face me in public. To assume public office you need to have a set of cojones.  You need to have some standards. Being a nice guy is not enough, and by endorsing that ad, you have made me really doubt how nice you really are. A nice person would not allow that ad to run.

But the real kicker in this latest news is that now you admit that you don’t have a clue. You were elected to represent the taxpayers of Millville. You were elected to do a job. Can you imagine going to Donald Trump and saying “Well, how?” when he gave you a task? Joe, You’re Fired!


2 Responses to Pepitone admits he doesn’t know how to do his job

  1. Guess-Who says:

    Go to you-tube & paste this:

    Joe Pepitone Cumberland County, NJ Freeholder endorses Lou Magazzu

  2. WuLi says:

    Link to Pepitone endorsing Lou Magazzu for his failed NACo run – Lou’s scandalous handling of money and improper solicitation of funds are likely the reason the D’s have not been able to raise as much money this year as usual. It also apparently led to Senate majority leader Stephen Sweeney getting hit with a $5K ELEC fine. Not good judgement, Joe. I don’t see you calling for high ranking D’s that have had a history of domestic violence to resign! But that stuff will be aired during another election cycle. Most people already know which law enforcement officer, also endorsed by Joe, has this sordid past!

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