Shame, Shame

In today’s mail I received one of the most disgraceful political ads I have ever seen.  The Cumberland County Democratic Organization has circulated a flyer with the title, “Nobody should tolerate domestic abuse…unless you take orders from Cumberland County Republican Party Boss Bob Greco — a convicted felon and wife-abuser.”  It goes on to fault the Republican Freeholder candidates and makes it sound as if they support wife beating.

As a Democrat, I am humiliated by this gutter campaigning.  It makes me ask whether the Dems have gone totally crazy.  I can’t believe anyone with any respect for themselves would associate with the people who put this out.  Do they really believe this is going to work for them?  Do they believe that voters will fault the Republican candidates for something that happened years ago, that had nothing to do with them, and that the woman in question says was greatly exaggerated?

If Pepitone and Thompson are elected, will they feel justified in this disgraceful act?   Why are they so desperate?  Are the polls not telling them what they want to hear?

I cannot be so cynical as to believe this disgusting flyer will influence many voters.  If the Dems are elected, it will be due to the factors cited in Haystack Calhoun’s excellent analysis below:  out of county money and busing in poor people to vote.

7 Responses to Shame, Shame

  1. Calhoun says:

    Thanks Mango, you’re a peach, unlike our two freeholder candidates — a couple of big fat lemons.

  2. Calhoun says:

    That’s me up there calling the freeholders a couple of big fat lemons–my big fat fingers mistyping things, leading to the incorrect picture of me.

  3. WuLi says:

    Oh shut up, Calhoun, you big fat lemon!

  4. Goodtoknow says:

    I welcomed the literature today letting me know that the Rebublican Party is soft on domestic violence. Most victims, will see their circumstances as “being exaggerated”, that’s why they’re victims of domestic violence. I can’t understand why the Repulican Party is allowing a person who pleaded guilty and convicted of abusing his wife be allowed to retain a leadership position. Moral compasses are off the mark if you think this is just a ploy of the Democtatic Party. I’m glad I know because it will inflence my vote on Tuesday.

  5. Guess-Who says:

    Sounds Like Miles is Back on magazzuwatch;
    Heard any good MUSIC lately Miles?

  6. Calhoun says:

    It sure does Mr. Guess Who, it sure does.

  7. Goodtoknow says:

    Another informative piece of literature in the mail today with a statement from Christina Clay. Glad to know that domestic violoence should not be tolerated on any level and certainly not part of the character make-up of those holding polical office. After Tuesday, maybe the Republican Party will have learned a valuable lesson about the responsibilities and roles of those who are in leadership positions. -Gladtoknow.

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