Dissecting Letters to the Editor

The Daily Journal split their endorsement, which comes as no surprise. They realize their readership is rejecting King Lou’s brand of politics wholesale, but could not come right out and endorse both Republicans.

About Joe Pepitone, the DJ says:

Incumbent Democrat Joseph Pepitone is a very popular and likeable guy. But we are not convinced from his three years in office that he is as effective and independent-minded a freeholder as Cumberland County residents need.

The Journal hit the nail square on the head there. I understand Joe was apologizing to people about the nasty ad campaign, but out of the other side of his mouth he endorses it. He does whatever his handler, Lou Magazzu says. He never questions, but obeys blindly.  About Nelson Thompson:

Despite his background in organized labor (he is a government affairs assistant to the general president of the International Union of Painters and Allied Trades), he helped lead the county effort in trying to get the unions representing county workers to agree to temporary wage freezes and furloughs to avoid layoffs to balance the budget.

They are off base with this endorsement. A union representative has no business holding an elected office. As a union rep,  they are paid to represent a special interest. As an elected official, however, they are paid to represent every taxpayer. Nelson is serving two masters. He is going to fail to carry out his duties properly on at least one of those jobs – he can NOT represent both union interests and taxpayers’ interests simultaneously.

Also in todays Daily Journal was a letter from hard-core Democrat Kevin McCann. McCann has over $6,000 of his own money tied up in the local Democratic Party. They could run the Son of Sam, and Kevin would write a letter of support. Why? Because he is a Democrat through and through, a total party sycophant.  Kevin blames the county’s dismal financial condition on – you got it, Bush! He further claims:

The current problem facing Cumberland County is not really one created by local government. Everyone is aware of the international, national and state economy, and the trickledown effect it has made on our budget. We currently have in office two freeholders who are working under dire circumstances, which weren’t created by them but rather by forces beyond their control.

He claims the “experience” of the two incumbents is what is needed for the county. he fails to mention that that experience extends to more than thirty years of Democrat control. I suppose thirty years of bad policy has nothing to do with Cumberland County leading the state with 14% unemployment. Nationwide the figure is what, 9% or so? He apparently blames Bush for the teen pregnancy and child poverty rates that make Mississippi laugh at us. Uh, Kevin, Bush is not running for anything. In fact, I doubt he has ever heard of Cumberland County, NJ.

Our mess has been exacerbated by reckless spending, pay-to-play schemes and a government that has been run in the same manner as the Democrats have run their nasty mud-slinging campaign, all the while evading the issues. This sort of experience we do not need.

Larry O’Donnell offers this bit of wisdom:

Year after year we hear the same old promises and political jargon from incumbent freeholders, yet things only continue to get worse.

I guess it comes down to this. Does Cumberland County want more of the same, the experienced minions of Lou Magazzu continuing to carry out his political philosophy? Lou has been quiet during this campaign, he understands his name now carries a taint. But his odor permeates the tasteless gutter politics of the desperate smear campaign the Democrat candidates launched as a last ditch effort, realizing they were sinking fast in the polls. Until Lou Magazzu is removed from Cumberland County politics, it will never be safe to vote for a Democrat here. He owns them all, and works them like marionettes. Until one of them has the cojones to stand up to him, and publicly decry his nasty back-room antics, the only choice it seems is to vote for change.


One Response to Dissecting Letters to the Editor

  1. abondroit says:

    Can anyone give credence to the Daily Journal’s one-sided opinion? They are either afraid of the Freeholder Dir. or have something to gain by always taking his side rather than the objective approach, which is what they should be doing. For certain, that paper does not work for the betterment of the people. We can point the finger of blame on the local media for the economic slow-down of the County.

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