Yet another Democrat is disgusted by Pepitone – Nelson’s trash campaign

If anybody knows Mark Krull, you know you can’t find a more dedicated, die-hard Democrat. He spits when he says the word Republican, and blames all of the world’s ill on the R’s. I don’t think he would have ever considered not voting for a D until Lou Magazzu treated him in a very unprofessional manner, and publicly humiliated him, several years ago at a public affair. Then he voted Independent at the county level.

Now I suspect that Mark would consider voting for an R because the D’s have wallowed so deep in the sewage that there is absolutely no cleaning the stench. Here is Mark’s blog entry this morning:


Today as I was taking out the garbage, I saw the ad that brings up theRepublican leader’s domistic issues. I will quote ” Why are the Cumberland County Republican Freeholder candates okay with the violent criminal history of their Party Boss?”
Well, this bringing up someone’s personal problems for the public to see and Mr. Greco is not running for ANYTHING!!
My question is WHY are Mr. Peppitone and Thompson being wimps by not saying that this has gone too far and show SOME leadership. This Democrat is just DISGUSTED!!

Pepitone and Thomspon have not been able to point to any accomplishments other than higher taxes and out of control county spending, pay-to-play practices that benefit Democratic contributors, and bids going out to the highest bidders. Pepitone refused to allow public comment at Freeholder meetings, and he refuses to force Lou and Jane to give up their taxpayer subsidized health benefits.

The decided to dive head first into the sewer, dragging ancient history of a person that is NOT EVEN RUNNING FOR OFFICE because they know they have no issues to stand on. They have been part of the problem that gave the county the highest unemployment, highest teen pregnancy, most children on welfare… you name it, we top the wrong lists! And they are tied so closely to Lou Magazzu, and his unethical behavior, supporting his loan of campaign money to himself, and supporting his lies to contributors that NACo was a PAC, willing to go along with his every whim.


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