Sewer antics continue

RD Owens weighs in once more:


I agree that character is an issue now in this campaign.

The character of a teacher to sign off on the kind of campaign against his opponents that has occurred is definitely up for discussion.

When Mr. Pepitone sits with a child and counsels him about his problems, what does he say? Deal with your problems by practicing scorched Earth campaigns?

I can see how counseling sessions work at Delsea Regional . . .

Characters: Counselor Pepitone, young girl student who is running for student council
Setting: Mr. Pepitone’s office
Problem: Young girl is shy about running for class president
Resoultion: Pepitone suggests the girl find out whatever dirt she can on her opponents. If there is none, he can supply some juicy gossip about others who her opponents know. Then the girl can put up posters around the school linking her opponents to the miscreants.

What a role model!

This is the man who represents us and counsels the youth in the area. He wants more time to share his “character” with us. Are you willing to vote this kind of politician into office? This is a man who thinks it is okay to go after someone not running for office to put his opponents in bad light all so Pepitone can feed from the public trough some more.

He has linked himself to his party boss.


2 Responses to Sewer antics continue

  1. ??????? says:

    Magazzu said that the R’s need to throw out their trash? He the worst foul mouthed scumbag this county has even seen. The D’s need to throw out the real trash, no, make that garbage—-Magazzu.

  2. LC says:

    Isn’t Rod feeding from the public trough, too?

    I don’t get it. It’s fine to attack the ad, but if you’re attacking the person in a similar fashion like Rod has, doesn’t that make him a bit hypocritical? I mean, I’ve read his other blog postings and he says an awful lot of bad things about Pepitone in particular, who he seems more willing to attack because he’s a public servant. But isn’t Rod also a public employee?

    I don’t support Magazzu’s tricks, but I’m also not willing to make attacks against another man’s job (read: Rod’s attacks on Pepitone) by calling him a bad role model. That really is out of line too!

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