Thompson and Pepitone running on their record?

In an article in the News of Cumberland County that I first took as a piece of satire, Pepitone and Thompson are asking that voters judge them on their record.

Democratic incumbents Joe Pepitone and Nelson Thompson are running to keep their seats on the Cumberland County Board of Chosen Freeholders, and are asking voters to judge based on their record and not by their opponents words.

Now you have to realize it was Pepitone and Thompson that dragged this campaign into the mud, refusing to approach the issues at all, but instead attempting to draw attention away from their dismal record of abject failure and instead concentrate on a person who is not even a candidate. Even the Daily Journal calls this ploy an act of “shameless desperation”.

It would be easier to accept at face value the impassioned, inflammatory comments of the Democrats if they had voiced their concerns sometime over the past year. They’ve known about Greco’s criminal record at least that long. But they waited until a few weeks before the election, making their motivation look like shameless desperation.

They also show no shame with their hypocrisy, refusing to acknowledge the times that Jannarone had to be removed from premises due to her own tendency toward domestic violence. They refuse to call their own leader to task for cheating on his wife in Chicago, not once but repeatedly, and apparently disowning his children by having any association with them removed from his official bio. I told Lou through a mutual friend that his sordid past was off limits, but he changed that with his back-room political machinations and persistent character assassination of non-candidates.

Thompson and Pepitone sat by idly as Lou wrote himself a $10,000 check from the Democratic Party campaign chest, and lied to donors claiming that Lou4NACo was a PAC when in fact it was just a personal bank account. They still refuse to take Lou to task for causing Stephen Sweeney to be fined by ELEC for improperly contributing to Lou’s fake PAC.

Pepitone’s record is one of refusing to allow public comment when he is running freeholder meetings. Pepitone and Thompson are on record of agreeing to award the HIGHEST bidders, all from out of county, for local contracts. The common deonominator is that the winners of these awards are generally generous supporters of the Camden County Democratic Machine. Lou’s cousin, Lou “the Empty Suit” Greenwald is often involved peripherally. That money usually makes its way to Cumberland, leading anyone with intelligence to understand that Camden is in charge of our Freeholder board.

Pepitone and Thompson’s record is one of the highest unemployment in the state; the most children on welfare; the highest teen pregnancy rate; high infant mortality; extremely high poverty. Cumberland County is always on the top of the wrong lists, and this has been under their watch!

Their master Lou, with their full support, has increased spending and taxes by almost double in ten years. They have increased our debt to unconscionable levels. So yes, I agree, judge Nelson and Joe on their record. It is a record of failure, of gross mismanagement, of lies and deceit. Vote accordingly.


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