If you didn’t show up for work, would you expect to be rehired?

Lou Magazzu and company believe they have a right to feed off of the public trough, and yet not show up for meetings or fulfill their duties. Todd Edwards is a prime example, missing most of the CCUA meetings yet happily cashing his checkand accepting benefits worth upwards of $25,000 a year.

Freeholders Pepitone and Thompson follow solidly in Edward’s tracks. Fiocchi and Kirstein have attacked Thompson and Pepitone about their attendance, and both responded in due fashion by lying.

One attack avenue Republicans are taking is the incumbents’ attendance records at various committees, authorities and boards they are assigned to as part of their freeholder responsibilities.

Thompson and Pepitone both responded the attendance statistics are inaccurate.

The Daily Journal today investigated Nelson Thompson and Joe Pepitone’s attendance records, and both have come up short. Basically, they lied to the public by claiming to have attended meetings that didn’t, and they refused to fulfill their elected duties.

Republicans collected statistics for 2009 and through July 2010.

  • The statistics show Thompson did not register as present for the first seven monthly meetings of the Empowerment Zone this year. He did make all five meetings for Public Works Committee, which he chairs.

  • Pepitone is listed as not present at the past 16 county utility authority meetings and six of seven Cumberland County College trustees meetings. He was eight-for-12 attending South Jersey Economic Development District meetings.In response, Thompson and Pepitone contest the accuracy of the attendance statistics, tout their good attendance records at twice-monthly freeholder board meetings and argue that the true measure of effectiveness is job performance.

    Right – job performance. So Nelson and Joe, with which aspect of your job do we begin? The highest teen pregnancy? Highest unemployment, getting higher, not lower? Doubling county spending under your watch? Doubling county taxes under your watch? Continually awarding contracts to the highest bidders? Sending our jobs to Camden county?

  • The fact is, it doesn’t matter how well, or bad you do your job.  Is Joe claiming that he would pass a student that missed too many days of school? Is Nelson saying he would support painters that missed every other day at work?

    Boys, both of you voluntarily ran for elected office. You signed up to sit on the various boards that comprise your job duties. I don’t think it is too much to ask that you at least make the minimal effort to at least show up once in a while!


    7 Responses to If you didn’t show up for work, would you expect to be rehired?

    1. Guess-Who says:

      Cumberland County Freeholder Nelson Thompson reportedly Attended:

      1 of 4 quarterly meetings of the Workforce Investment Board = 25%

      5 of 5 Public Works Committee Meetings = 100%

      5 of 29 Technical Education Center Board Meetings = 17.2%

      8 of 13 Planning Board Meetings from 2009 to 2010 = 61.5%

      0 of 7 Empowerment Zone Meetings in 2010 = 0%

      4 of 8 Veterans Committee Meetings in 2009 and 2010 = 50%
      between 2009-2010.

      There were 23 Meeting that Nelson Thompson Attended out of the possible 66 Meetings that were Held.

      There IS a 34.8% Chance overall that he MIGHT show on behalf of the Cumberland County Tax-Payer[s] to these Meeting[s], according to his Past Record of Attendance!

    2. Guess-Who says:

      Cumberland County Freeholder Joe Pepitone reportedly Attended:

      0 of 16 Cumberland County Utility Authority meetings = 0%

      1 of 7 Cumberland County College trustees meetings = 14.2%

      5 of 9 Board of Social Services meetings = 55.5%

      8 of 12 South Jersey Economic Development District meetings 66.6%

      1 of 5 Public Works Committee meetings = 20%

      0 of 3 Recreation Committee meetings = 0%

      So IF you ADD all these Numbers UP for Freeholder Joe Pepitone & his Attendance Record at these Meeting it would be 15 that he attended out of the 52 Total that were Held.

      There is a 28.8% Chance he (Pepitone) MIGHT show for 1 of these Meeting[s] on behalf of the Tax-Payer[s] in Cumberland County, NJ

      Checks and Balance make the County a Better Place

    3. Deep Throat says:

      Thompson’s record is worse than the statistics imply.
      Since he chairs the Public Works Committee, he decides when to hold a meeting. Historically the committee met once a month. He should have had about 18 meetings. That was too inconvenient, so he only called them on average every three months.
      He should have had a 33% attendance record for that committee also.

    4. ?????? says:

      The truth is out, about Thmpson’s lousy attendance record and his lying about the disgusting political campaign he helped put together. Shouldn’t the Journal withdraw their endorsement?

    5. WuLi says:

      For somebody that pretends to care about veterans, Thompson sure missed a heck of a lot of their meetings.

      And Joe could not even make ONE CCUA meeting? With utility rates on the increase, you think he would have been there to stand up for the ratepayers?

    6. WuLi says:

      And since we are outing people for their past mistakes, shouldn’t Thompson resign due to his prior DUI?

    7. ?????? says:

      Maybe that explains McCann’s endorsement. What happened to his recent DUI charge? Did it disappear in the wind, like Edward’s drug charge?
      Free passes for the few. The rest of us have to obey the laws or face punishment.

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