Just when you thought it couldn’t get any dirtier

By now you are realizing that Magazzu, Jannarone, Pepitone and Thompson have gotten what they wanted. They have diverted the voting publics attention away from the issues and their deplorable record by bringing up the history of a non-candidate.

They all have lied from the get-go. Jane said that her press conference had nothing to do with the election, and immediately we see fliers in our mailboxes. Joe Pepitone lied to people’s faces when he attempted to apologize for the sleaze campaign, claiming he had nothing to do with it.

Jane found herself in hot water by using a non-profit organization that serves battered women as the backdrop of her cynical mudfest.

However, Jannarone is under criticism from the organization that sponsored a domestic violence vigil she attended Oct. 6 in Vineland. Jannarone said that event was the last push she needed to go ahead with her press conference about Greco the next day.

Geri Esposito-Reale, executive director of the Cumberland County Women’s Shelter, on Wednesday said she is “appalled” Jannarone used the vigil as a backdrop to a political attack.

Esposito-Reale said she has invited Jannarone on multiple occasions to visit the shelter, but the freeholder has never come there. The county provides some financial support to the shelter.

If Jane is so concerned about domestic violence, why is she silent about the history of two current elected officials? Oh wait, they are on her team. And just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse. Jane came out and called one of the most respected women in the county a liar. She doesn’t stop with just one accusation, but repeatedly accuses Geri Esposito-Reale of lying. I don’t know about you, but I think Ms. Esposito-Reale has a better reputation than Jannarone.

But Jane doesn’t stop there. She demostrates to the world how utterly clueless she is with this staement:

Furthermore, I am perplexed that although Ms. Esposito-Reale indicates that she isn’t political, she would insert herself and her organization into this matter.

Excuse me Jane, but YOU are responsible for inserting the Shelter for Abused Women, and hence Ms. Esposito-Reale into your obvious and shameless political crusade. Ms. Esposito-Reale has no reason to lie, she was unwillingly dragged into your charade, under false pretenses. You, however, have every reason to lie.

Can Pepitone, Thompson and Jannarone (who is the Pepitone Thompson campaign treasurer, if you are wondering how this all fits together) get any filthier?

Nelson and Joe, even if your spokesperson Jannarone refuses to apologize to Ms. Esposito-Reale, you both should be men enough to speak to her face to face and apologize for this inexcusable farce. But I don’t think either of you have the backbone to do what is right when you are so clearly in the wrong.


10 Responses to Just when you thought it couldn’t get any dirtier

  1. Observer says:

    I heard that Magazzu tried to get Ms Esposito-Reale to the freeholder meeting last night to give the shelter a $15,000 check. Problem is,the money was never appropriated and never approved by the freeholder board. Ms. Esposito-Reale declined to attend and suggested the check be mailed. Bet the check never arrives.

  2. WuLi says:

    Just some more dirty politics by Lou – he doesn’t need approval, he does what he pleases. $15,000 bribe of taxpayer money to placate when he realizes his dirty trick has backfired.

  3. Calhoun says:

    Like last year, I have written an article sizing up the freeholder race for this year. However, thanks to the Ds’ last minute smear campaign it is not relevant.

    Instead, I offer this observation: Based on my readings, the following are most definitely not voting for the Ds and, given the lack of any Is on the ballot, are most likely voting for the Rs: Haystacks Calhoun AKA, … eh it’s not important; Carl Johnson; Mark Krull, Mango…AKA eh, it’s not important; Liz Nicklus; Robert Owens; Paul Porreca (and the rest of the MFers and most of the DJ forum squatters); and Dave Vanaman.

    This is a bizarre coalition of voters, and, if it is any indication of the rest of the County, it spells serious problems for the Ds.

    Please everybody get out and vote. Also please try and get five (ten!) like-minded people to vote. This is a serious election; if the Ds win, then their tactics are validated.

    Did everyone else get the third mailing today regarding Greco? Three mailings on this issue! This is pure insanity!

    Liz Nicklus wrote on Krull’s blog, “We have a beautiful county with (mostly) good people- no wonder it is going down the tubes!” Exactly.

    Let’s keep our County from sinking further. This can only be done by voting for those who stand up against Magazzu, rather than those who stand with him.

    And this time, with no Is on the ballot, the only ones standing up to Lou are the Rs. This D is voting R and God I hope I am not alone.

  4. Bridgeton Gary says:

    Registered D just voted all R.

  5. Hang 'em High says:

    I nearly called 9-1-1 this morning – The News endorsed the R’s partly because of the D’s ads. Lou really screwed up this time.

  6. WuLi says:

    People are getting sick and tired and utterly disgusted with this sort of dirt-ball politics. Lou’s tactic has always been to launch a scorched-earth campaign, politics of destruction. He has always been a spoiled brat, even when he dated my sister-in-law and threw a temper tantrum and actually cried when he lost his first election. Since that time, his tactic has been to lie and exaggerate and demonize any opponent.

    Meanwhile, he cheated on his wife repeatedly, disowned his children, and lived for years like a welfare queen off of his wife’s family money and childrens’ trust fund.

    It seems he has finally crossed the line of decency – if Pepitone and/or Thompson win this year, it is time to move out of this county because there is no hope.

    Pepitone and Thompson are nothing but puppets.

  7. mango says:

    Calhoun, LOL at your “bizarre coalition of voters.” I spent the day in DC at the Rally to Restore Sanity, so my sympathies are definitely not Republican! But I’ve decided the county Dems under Lou are pond scum. The second ad — the one with the battered woman’s body — nauseated me, and the third was even more over the top. Before the campaign, I had some degree of respect for the candidates, despite their allegiance to Lou, but not now. And Quinn’s antics are so sad…I really thought the man had more substance. So you are correct, I am voting for the R’s. And I agree, so will the reviled MFers! Politics does indeed make strange bedfellows.

  8. Calhoun says:

    Mango, I find myself in a conundrum regarding political party. Nationally, it’s easy for me. I am a Democrat. The Republicans controlled everything from Jan 2001 to Dec. 2006 and made a mess of things. We have crazy Supreme Court decisions on campaign financing and habeus corpus thanks to them. We still have two wars overseas, and a wrecked economy. All of it pretty much on their watch, although Clinton gets some blame for the deregulation of the financing and banking industry.

    Even though the Ds never put up a credible candidate, I can’t vote for LoBiondo on principle. He ran very nasty primary and general campaigns back in 1992 and 1994 that dug up a lot of stuff on his opposition. It was way beyond the pale. He also ran very hard right to secure the party’s nomination in the primary. He was Mr. Family values, the country was going down the tubes because of the breakdown of the family. Of course, once in Washington he soon got a divorce himself. And of course he broke his term limit pledge which he promised he would impose himself. In a nutshell, Frank is what he ran against and that makes him a hypocrite.

    At the state level and below I am more of an R. I disliked Corzine, as he was loyal to the Ds to a fault. I also disliked all the money he dumped everywhere for D causes like Lou’s NACo run. Our other local D leaders Sweeney, Van Drew, Milam and Albano are all distasteful pols. The County situation needs no further elaboration.

  9. mango says:

    Calhoun, maybe we’re Independents, although I’ve always avoided that label. It seems so wishy-washy, like you can’t commit. I agree with you on everything but Christie. I’m increasingly seeing him as grandstanding for national visibility, at New Jersey’s cost. I think investment in infrastructure is critical, so I don’t like his killing the Hudson tunnel. I jumped on his anti teachers’ union bandwagon, because the inability to fire an incompetent teacher grated on me, but I’m wondering if the pendulum is swinging too far. Teacher bashing is not going to improve the sad state of our educational system. Of course I agree Corzine was a terrible disappointment. Tough job, isn’t it, finding men and women of honor willing to run for office? Or maybe able to stay uncorrupted once they are in?

  10. Calhoun says:

    I am not a big fan of Christie, although my chief dislike at the state level is with our D legislators. I see good and bad with Christie. Bad in that he is a big blowhard who (thinks he) knows it all. This always leads to trouble. However, he has lowered the boom on a lot of these authorities, commissions, etc. that are Democratic and Republican patronage pits. However, even there he has gone too far as he has lowered the boom on those that are not patronage pits, do not cost the state money, and do good work.

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