Everybody knows that the News of Cumberland County has always solidly been in Lou Magazzu’s corner. They have looked the other way during the NACo fiasco, failed to report the Stephen Sweeney ELEC problems caused by Lou, and generally have acted as an apologist. That is why today’s endorsement comes as a big surprise.

The uproar over GOP Chairman Bob Greco’s domestic violence problems should not have become part of the campaign, but the Democrats chose to make it an issue. The public release of details surrounding Greco’s 2003 guilty plea, first in a press conference, then in ads and on a website devoted to the subject, was timed for maximum political impact.

This was a disgraceful use of information about a terrible situation. We do not condone Greco’s actions, but we also do not believe his actions should reflect on the candidates running on the Republican ticket. It’s up to the county Republican organization to decide if Greco remains chairman.

This subject serves only to distract voters from the issues and the candidates themselves, so back to the candidates we go.

I applaud the News for finally taking a moral stand. It seems that Lou Magazzu has finally discovered the line he should not have crossed.


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