WSNJ fiasco

Did anyone tune into WSNJ yesterday? I heard this second-hand, so I would like to have details. I understand the program host – and I do believe these people pay for their own air time – was reading the letters to the editor concerning Lou’s scorched earth campaign. The letters were in support of Fiocchi and Kirstein.

He was never allowed to finish the letters, as the plug was pulled and the station broadcast dead air for several minutes.

Finally Jim Quinn came on air and “apologized” for the previous broadcast. A caller called in, and demanded that the show be allowed to continue, and was cut off, and WSNJ then went on to play two hours of music.

This was an indefensible act of censorship, and of course we know who the puppet master is.


4 Responses to WSNJ fiasco

  1. Guess-Who says:

    Enjoy some Music

  2. yo dude says:

    Jim Quinn is sooooooooo far up King Lou butt, he will do anything for him so is Bob Romano, This is the truth…………vote for SAM AND CARL……….HEY JANE YOUR NEXT TO GOOOOOOOOOOO. LOU CAN NOT HELP YOU NEXT TIME………

  3. Calhoun says:

    Was it Richard Hoch’s show? I would like to learn more!

    I would view it as a fiasco within a fiasco (WSNJ being a fiasco itself). How many people actually listen to WSNJ these days? The signal is terrible. When it was on the FM dial (107.7), it reached all of southern New Jersey, and there was something comforting about hearing farmers on there talk about hay and pigs and learning that fishsticks would be served on Friday at St. John’s Day School (now the Woodland Country Day School). Then the Bolds went and sold the FM station for for a cool 35 million!

    Now it’s a little too out there for me. You have that guy on there with his “Creationist Minute.” I know Paul Hunsberger is the darling of the County, but I had a conversation with him once and he went on and on about how the Trilateral Commission runs the world before moving on to other tin-foil hat ideas. The Country Store is still pretty entertaining. Polka Time is my least favorite and that’s the one show Quinn has left pretty much unchanged (thanks a lot Quinnie).

  4. Guess-Who says:

    Enjoying the Music:

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