Last minute money thrown at Pepitone and Thompson by special interests

Last-minute Money: the Sad Pattern Continues
by Haystacks Calhoun

Last minute money is flowing to the local Ds as they make their final push to try and salvage the freeholder election. Table 1 below provides the gory details. The numbers in Table 1 are contributions that have been reported to ELEC since my original report earlier this week. Since my last report, the Ds have raked in another $31,850 in personal, $9,460 in business, $5,000 in union, and $20,000 in outside political organizations. Of the non-union support (i.e., personal, business, political), $26,960 (44%) of the $61,310 came from local sources. However, when you look at who contributed locally it is worth noting that $19,500 came from politically-connected lawyers (Kavanagh, Long, Malestein, Pirolli). Of the late contributions from local businesses $3,960 came from Fralinger Engineering, a firm that competes for county contracts and $1,000 from Whibco, which is Wade Sjogren’s company (Sjogren ran last year for freeholder on the D ticket). That leaves the $2,500 local contribution from Pure Earth Recycling as the only late local contribution without an obviously cynical explanation (insiders may want to shoot this one down too). So the depressing pattern continues with these late contributions: the Ds are being largely funded by outside sources, the few local contributions coming from those who stand to gain by keeping the Ds in power.

Late contributions from the R side require no table. Here they are: $350 from Paul Bergamo (Vineland), $150 from [Big Spender] Larry Pepper Jr. (Vineland) and $10,000 from GOPAC (Washington, D.C.), as well as various in-kind contributions from the NJ State Republican Committee and CCRRO to cover advertising, postage, and other routine items.


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