More hearsay about the Richard Hock show fiasco

I received more info about the WSNJ radio black out from somebody that saw most of it. Yes, saw. According to my source, the Richard Hock show, or whatever the name of it is, was broadcast on WSNJ as well as QBC2 in Millville.

On Thursday evening, Nelson Thompson and Joe Pepitone were guests. Richard Hoch was not allowed to moderate the interviews, by request of the Democrat candidates. I guess they didn’t want to be surprised by any hardball questions.

They got them anyway. A caller challenged Thompson on his stand that a person that fulfilled the terms of his sentence and probation, and fulfilled the terms of counseling should forever after be held guilty. Nelson said yes – in so many words. Of Course I doubt Nelson thinks that a person with a prior DUI should be ineligible to hold office. This only applies to Republicans. And of course Nelson has never demanded that Todd Edwards, convicted of drug offences and who almost never showed up to his paid county post at the CCUA should resign. A definite double standard.

The caller then asked if Nelson and Joe paid for the nasty gutter campaign, and if not, who did? The moderator quickly broke for commercial break, promising to get back to that question after the words from their sponsor. Of course that was a ruse, and that question was never answered.

After the break, the moderator only threw softball questions to the candidates.

Now we come to the meltdown on Friday. Hoch, during his program, aired his displeasure at being blacklisted from the interview of the candidates. In mid-sentence, the radio went dead, the TV went blank. Nothing but a blue screen. My source says he thought the cable went out, but we now know that was not the case.

He rec’d a phone call, and says that after about 5 or 6 minutes of dead air, he saw that Quinn was on the air. He doesn’t know whether it was live or a tape.

Shortly after, Hoch was back on air, and apologized to the advertisers, I guess for insinuating that the Democrats were not playing fairly. After that, the station just played music. We will see if he still has a job come Monday.

If anyone knows Mr. Hoch, maybe he could comment and give his side of the story. I am sure our readers would like to know.


8 Responses to More hearsay about the Richard Hock show fiasco

  1. Calhoun says:

    Figured it had to be Hoch’s afternoon show. Hoch, a staunch conservative, oftentimes has tea party folks on, including local controversial conservative Jimmie Hollis.

    While it is Quinn’s station, he needs to be careful when it comes to how he handles political issues due to all the FCC restrictions.

    So let’s look at how he handled it based on the accounts Carl has provided. Thompson and Pepitone were scheduled to appear on Thursday afternoon, which would coincide with Hoch’s radio program. It stands to reason therefore that Hoch would interview them, just as he has interviewed Gary Stein and Peter Boyce, recently. However, Hoch is pulled from his time slot — apparently to accommodate Joey’s and Nelson’s misgivings — and someone else (anybody know who it was?) is given the job of interviewing the candidates.

    That’s bad enough, but then when Hoch comes back on the air on Friday and starts complaining about his blacklisting from Thursday’s program (his time slot!), the plug is pulled and the station goes off the air. Are you kidding me?!

    Basically Hoch got effed twice. First he was told on Thursday he couldn’t host his own show and then on Friday he was taken off the air because the owner (or more likely the owner’s master) didn’t like what was being said.

    My politics are probably 180 degrees in the other direction from Hoch’s, but goddammit he has a right to host his own show and say what he thinks.

    Quinn’s interference here basically means that the Ds got a free round of advertising on Thursday. Furthermore, when some dissent developed on Friday it was censored.

    If the Ds didn’t want to face Hoch’s tough questions than they should have gone on in the morning when Quinn’s sycophants Corky Warren and George Moore are on. But no. They wanted Hoch’s larger afternoon audience, only they didn’t want Hoch there asking the questions. What chutzpah!

    If I were the Rs, I would have lawyers review what happened and possibly consider filing a complaint with the FCC. I hope it’s not legal for Quinn to rig his station’s scheduling for maximum benefit of the Ds.

    Quinn can no doubt establish programming that better reflects his political views, just as Murdoch does with Fox. But once that programming is set he can’t go pulling the plug and having the station go black when content is not to his liking.

    Nationally I am a D in part because I have always disliked the gutter tactics of Rs, like Atwater and Rove. However, locally it’s the Ds that use these tactics.

    While I applaud the local Rs’ attempts to not stoop to Lou’s level, I wish they would speak up more and fight back more when crap like this happens. I am not sure it is always wise to turn the other cheek. Sometimes you have to fight fire with fire or abide by the biblical “eye for an eye” law. If you don’t you’re likely to keep losing. Remember Leo Durocher’s observations on where nice guys finish — last!

  2. Calhoun says:

    Spoke to someone who heard the Pepitone-Thompson interview on Thurday. It took place in the late afternoon when Hoch would normally be on (his show runs from 3:00-6:00 M-R; 3:00-5:00 F), but indeed he was not. As reported, the moderator tossed up softball questions but the call ins, save for one friendly one, asked tough questions.

  3. Calhoun says:

    The Ds are now dialing it down with respect to the Greco controversy. Just heard an ad on WSNJ this morning that is much milder and acknowledges the previous discussion on the issue was difficult. The ad still ends with the conclusion that Kirstein and Fiocchi lack character.

  4. Guess-Who says:

    The Station just claimed at 10:50am that the 3:00pm Host will NOT be on the Air Today.

    Host now on the air just said the 3:00pm Host is “taking some TIME-OFF” we’ll let u know is what the host told the caller that ask the question about the 3:00pm Show Host.

  5. Shore Bird says:

    Following up on Calhoun’s excellent first reply, above, would like to point out that D’s are disgraceful not just locally, but nationally as well. Look at last week’s news item from Florida that Bill Clinton asked the Dem candidate for U.S. Senate, Kendrick Meeks, to drop out of the race. Meeks refused. (Funny how the liberal/mainstream media has ignored this.) Clinton did the very same thing last year with Joe Sestak in the D’s PA primary for the U.S. Senate, and by all reports, offered Sestak a DC job for his troubles. Sestak also refused Slick Willie. Of course, the trifecta occurred right here in the Garden State, in 2002, when The Torch – Bob Torricelli – was forced to drop out of the Senate race due to a pending indictment, but the liberal NJ Supreme Court astoundingly waived the NJ Constitution and allowed Frank “Granny” Lautenberg to take Torch’s place on the ballotfive weeks before the election. With the D’s, the will of the people – from elections to constitutions – is nothing but a joke. Nationally, regionally and locally, they are disgraceful – but give them credit, they’ve made Cumberland County # 1.

  6. mango says:

    Of course everyone is entiled to voice his opinion, but I hope this website remains focused on the Magazzu dominated politics in Cumberland County. Some contributors here, myself included, are in fact committed democrats at levels above local government, particularly nationally. That does not lesson our conviction that the Cumberland County democrats need to go. But I find some of the Republicans operating at the national level and at state levels just as offensive. I say let’s keep it local.

  7. WuLi says:

    I agree with mango – this site is not a Republican site, and it is not a “bash the D’s” site.

    I am a registered R. Mango is registered D, I believe, and everyone else closely affiliated with MW is either D or Independent.

    We have a united purpose, and that is to expose the corruption in Cumberland County. It just so happens that Magazzu and his minions are D’s.

    Please keep discussions pertinent. Partisan bickering undermines our goal, which is to expose the underhanded, back-room dealings of the current Cumberland County administration.

  8. Calhoun says:

    Agree with Mango and Carl. Locally, I believe all rational people who put community first over their own special interests agree that the Cumberland County Democratic party is corrupt to the core. That is why Ds and Rs and Is are speaking out. Once we go beyond this we are on shakier ground. Any attempt to label one party — D or R — as the corrupt one is nothing more than a partisan conclusion — both parties at the national level having plenty of corruption to go around.

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