Who is Christina Clay?

Last week a letter that sounds suspiciously as if it was written by Lou’s lackey, Miles Jackson appeared in the Daily Journal, signed by Christina Clay. he gives an address of Greenwich, NJ, and doesn’t admit any allegiance to Lou’s Democrats. She claims to be appalled by the allegations made in a libelous campaign headed by Joe Pepitone, Nelson Thompson and Jane Jannarone.

The she appears on the last piece of scurrilous campaign trash, claiming to be the “Chairwoman, Cumberland County Women Against Domestic Violence”.

Funny thing – there is no such organization. It seems that Joe and Nelson, having waded this deep in the sewer, have decided to fabricate an organization to further use a serious issue for their own personal political gain. They have trivialized the serious nature of domestic abuse in a cynical play to maintain power.

I quick Google search revealed that her “residential phone number” and address is 225 Old Mill Road, Greenwich, NJ. This property so happens to belong to Drs. Joseph and Judith Riley. It is the ocation of their family practice. What a coincidence!

How much lower will Pepitone and Thompson sink? They lie about the press conference absolutely not being political in nature, days before the slander campaign began. They fabricate an organization after their campaign treasurer was publicly rebuked for using a non-profit women’s shelter as the backdrop of a purely political ploy. Since the women’s shelter was not buying into their plan, I guess they had to lie and make stuff up.

And for the record, Robert Greco has never been convicted of a felony in NJ. I will sit back and watch to see how much longer the libel continues.


34 Responses to Who is Christina Clay?

  1. LC says:

    haha awesome. Good detective work.

  2. Calhoun says:

    Unbelievable! I keep thinking we have hit rock bottom and we haven’t! Just to reinforce what Carl has reported: The NJ Department of Community Affairs maintains an official list of Domestic Violence Programs for each County (www.state.nj.us/dca/divisions/dow/resources/countyresourcesdv.html#6. There is no “Cumberland County Women Against Domestic Violence,” the only listing given for Cumberland County being the Cumberland County Women’s Shelter in Vineland.

    Was a phantom domestic organization invented for political gain? If so, we have incredibly sunk lower.

    If Lou is still in power after this disgraceful election there is no hope at all for the local Democratic Party. The party reached scum level when the press conference was held. They reached sewer level with the ads. They are now potentially in unchartered areas with this report.

    I am in disbelief.

  3. mango says:

    Fascinating territory, that there “beyond belief” realm. We’re spending a lot of time there during this election. When you think it cannot get anymore bizarre and unbelievable, it does. But I am not one bit surprised by former freeholder Riley’s involvement in this fiasco. He is one confused dude. Remember his histrionics over the teen pregnancy issue when he was freeholder? His insistence that only medical interventions were legitimate, and that social programs addressing the issue were useless? Ironic, isn’t it, now that South Jersey Healthcare has been granted $5 million for teen pregnancy prevention that is primarily a social intervention program? Wonder what he has to say about that? He was, at least in my opinion, one of the more dishonorable of Lou’s minions, who all appear to be in a race to the gutter. His part in this latest disgrace is, when considered, not really “beyond belief”.

  4. new2cumberland says:

    Greenwich is the residence of the parents of the former freeholder Joseph and the current Assemblywomen. I think the fomer freeholder lives in upper deerfield—this might have changed recently though. Also, GrecoFelon was just registered as a domain name on 10/21—could it be that this org was recently created to support this tactic too?

  5. I Know says:

    Chrissy is the sister of Assemblywoman Riley. The powerful man she was married to is a cop.

  6. new2cumberland says:

    OK Thanks—- it’s hard when you’re seal the
    newer to the area to figure out the way people (especially the politicians) are connected/related—appreciate the info you said was married, so divorced frm the cop????

  7. Calhoun says:

    There are three Joseph J. Rileys, all of whom were or are physicians. The first Dr. Joseph Riley came from somewhere out West, I believe, and settled in Greenwich. He passed away about twenty years ago.

    His son, Joseph J. Riley Sr. is also a physician and also resides in Greenwich, presumably at the address given by Carl. This Joseph Riley has eleven children, including Assemblywoman Celeste Riley, and was quite active in Cumberland County politics. He was a freeholder back in the 1970s and also served as chair of the Cumberland County Democratic Party. He also ran and lost for state assembly in 1993, served as Secretary of the Delaware River and Bay Authority, and sat on the Cumberland County College Board of Directors. Joseph Riley Sr. is generally the one I have been told is friends with Lou; he must now be in his late 70s.

    The Joe Riley most of us are familiar with is Dr. Joseph Riley Jr. He lives in Deerfield Twp. and served one term on the freeholder board from 2007-2009.

    OK, done with the Joseph Rileys, now onto to Christina Clay. Based on Carl’s post and I Know’s comment, one can assume she is the daughter of Joseph Riley Sr. of Greenwich. There aren’t many Clays in southern New Jersey, and the only one that stands out as a policeman is James Clay of Vineland, a state trooper. His brother, Jeffrey Clay, was a wrestling star in Vineland during high school, and later became a pilot. Jeffrey Clay tragically died in 2006 in the plane crash of Comair Flight 191 in Kentucky.

    Still no luck on tracking down info on Cumberland County Women Against Domestic Violence. It better exist. If it doesn’t, this is one story that simply should not die after Election Day. No one should get away with cooking up a victims group simply to score political points.

  8. new2cumberland says:

    Thanks 4 the background—–maybe the org is not under shelter but a non- profit– a 501 c 3 ??? A lot of politicos in the area seem to have a strong interest in them…..

  9. WuLi says:

    Hi New – I have a list of 501 (3c) (3)’s in the county, and this is not listed. If it was formed, say the last week of October 2010, just so it would be “real”, then call me a cynic, but it was created solely for a political purpose.

    If a person cares enough about the issue, we have the women’s shelter which does a splendid job and could use any help they can get, financially or with volunteers.

  10. new2cumberland says:

    WuLi—I don’t think you a cynic at all— still kind of new to figuring out how all the players are intertwined. So sorry for all the???!– there are a lot of players and they are pretty intertwined. I only mentioned the recent reg./and or creation of the org. because the GrecoFelon was just created on 10/21 ish and the machinations behind that are pretty clear to me. Like most of your posters I lean D. everywhere but things Magazzu. I guess I am really trying to figure put the hold he has on everything C.C. And this attitude that you can’t just disagree with these people. Thanks for the info and I’ll try to keep the “whose that???” to a minimum. :).

  11. WuLi says:

    I made the mistake seveal years ago of publicly disagreeing with Magazzu. He claimed to have passed the “biggest tax decrease in county history” and when I pointed out his tax decrease added about $200 – $300 to every tax bill in the county, he began a scorched earth campaign against me. He had now Sheriff Austino call a press conference and lie to the press and public about a personal family situation. He had now Surrogate Doug Rainear write a slanderous letter to the editor about me, which had nothing to do with the campaign. And in effect, he never answered the questions about how a tax decrease could result in higher taxes.

    Linda Forbes, a friend of mine, a D who sat on several boards and who is knowledgeable about teen pregnancy issues, challenged shady monetary disbursements that seemed to evade county regulations. Freeholders Lou and Dr. Joe Riley attacked her viciously during the public session of the meeting, making disparaging comments and attempted to humiliate her in public. It didn’t work, because frankly she is smarter than Lou.

    They practice politics of personal destruction. Anyone that gets in Lou’s way is fair game to have private detectives tailing you and digging into every aspect of your personal and private history. Court documents that are not meant for public consumption are brandished as weapons.

    Meanwhile, Lou allegedly ensures that records are expunged for his friends.

  12. new2cumberland says:

    Unreal, the more I hear about this group the worse it gets! Got recommended to this site because the local papers are pretty biased and seem to be in lockstep with Magazzu—the News of CC is like this BEN column, I can’t always follow it….I have absolutely no idea what or who or why & it is like 1/3 of the paper. There doesn’t seem to be any fact-checking or explanations or anything. Truly a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury signifying nothing–hope today starts a shift in C.C. Thanks for the backstory.

  13. Calhoun says:

    Carl, new2cumberland’s experience with this website is a textbook case of why this website is needed. A newcomer to the area quickly got up to speed on the politics of this county. This would have been impossible had s/he relied on the local print and broadcast media, which is heavily skewed, the newspapers’ R endosements notwithstanding.

    Through this website, Carl has exposed what looks to be like the Ds inventing a victims group simply to score political points. Anybody want to place any bets on the local news media following up on Carl’s findings? Or how about the ten $500 “personal” contributions on the same day from people who all work for the same out-of-county company? Or how about the “MTDEC, Inc.” contribution that is actually from the Mantua Township Democratic Executive Committee? How about the apparent censorship of a radio host and softball on-air treatment of candidates who happen to belong to the same party as the station’s owner?

    Think we’ll ever read about any of this in the papers? I am not holding my breath. Fortunately, through MWatch it is at least out there. After tomorrow we’ll get more of the same from the media, such as the blather-laden BEN column, written by Jack, who likes Lou because he slurps his coffee.

  14. Joseph P. Riley D.O. says:

    I am Dr. Joseph P. Riley. I live in Deerfield Twp. I am the most recent county freeholder. My father also was a county freeholder.

    I had nothing to do with the Cumberland County Women Against Domestic Violence letter. I also know that my father Dr. Joseph J. Riley had nothing to do with this letter as well.

    My father and I in no way support this type of political activity.

    “Mango” and “Wuli” are afraid to sign their names to their slanderous statements because they are cowards.

    Who are you “Mango” and “Wuli”?

  15. WuLi says:

    Joe, I am Carl B. Johnson, and that is no secret. Just ask your buddy Lou. I will not divulge other identities simply due to Lou Magazzu’s history of politics of destruction. I was on the recieiving end. Bob Austino, at Lou’s bidding, held a press conference and LIED. Lou will use the full resources of county government to attempt to destroy anybody that might disagree with him. You sided with him, and so forgive me if I distrust you.

    How did your name get dragged into the fray? Christiana Clay, the “chairperson” of this apparently fictitious organization resides at 225 Old Mill Rd,Greenwich, NJ 08323-2306, according to Google.

    According to tax records, a Joseph and Judith Riley own this property. It is also the location of your family practice.

    You tell me, coincidence?

  16. Christina Clay says:

    I am Christina Clay, my father and my brother have nothing to do with Cumberland County Woman Against Domestic Violence. The comments on here are a joke. It just proves to me more that Domestic Violence is not taken serious enough. I’m wondering how you would react to someone in your own family that were abused. Being a victim myself, I take this matter very seriously and this organization does exist. Unlike many of you I don’t put my name or back something for just any reason. I would never do that to myself or my family.

    Did you ever think that I may live at that address for a reason?

    And by the way it’s Christina not Christian.

  17. WuLi says:

    Hi Christina,

    Can you tell us just when this organization was created? Who is on the board? Is it a 501 (c) (3)? I can find no documentation at all as to its existence.


  18. Guess-Who says:

    Ms. Clay:
    When did the Org. become Interested in Domestic Violence?

    Who WORKS for this Org?

    How many are Employed?

    How many are on the STAFF?

    Where does the Money come from that PROVIDES the FUNDING for the Org to Operate?

    Is it Private or a Grant or What is the Source of your Capital?

    What has your Org. done in Cumberland County in the Last Year?

    Where can someone send a Donation?

    What is the Agenda of the Org pertaining to Domestic Violence?

  19. Christina Clay says:

    I have more important things to do – This is a real organization and Noone in my family my father, brother or my siter the Assemblywoman Riley have anything to do with this organization. I am in it for the long haul because it is something I believe in being a victim myself.

  20. Guess-Who says:

    Ms. Clay:
    It is 4:15PM,
    5:00, will be 1:15 for you to Provide the Information to some of these or all of these Questions Above & Below.

    How has the Org HELPED the VICTIM[S] in Cumberland County, NJ?

    What is the Org Providing to the Victim[s]?

  21. Guess-Who says:

    What day of this Month or Year was this Org REGISTERED or what year was this Org formed.

    How come Ms. Clay you didn’t sign the Name of the Org to Letter in the Newspaper on Oct 23, 2010?

  22. WuLi says:

    Playing the “abuse card” – you don;t want to go there. I can tell you stories of abuse that would raise the hairs on the nape of your neck.

    It is funny that this organization just sprang up in time to be used in a libelous attack against a non-candidate, during campaign season.

    And what is suspicious is your self-righteous defensive posture and complete inability to provide any details about this organization.

    If you believe in it so much, why not point us to your web site? Post your mission statement.

    The fact is, this organization exists ONLY to defame a non-candidate, and it offends me and all decent people that Pepitone and Thompson think that the issue of abuse is only a tool for political gain, not an issue they should actually care about.

  23. new2cumberland says:

    Seems to have struck a nerve…….

  24. new2cumberland says:

    Could it be possible that this org is under the umbrella of the many tentacled Tri-County??

  25. Calhoun says:

    I am probably in the minority here, but I accept Ms. Clay’s explanation. I don’t think she has to provide details about the organization. In the absence of any such explanation and given that the organization was used in a Democratic campaign mailer, it made perfect sense to try and verify the organization. However, now there is an explanation from Ms. Clay herself. An organization can exist without paperwork, especially if there is no money involved.

    I posted earlier this month that there was legitimacy to the issue raised by Jannarone regarding Greco but that the timing and way in which it was released was terrible. Both papers have had editorials essentially saying the same thing. The concern with Greco is that he is in a position to recommend judges and other appointments to Christie. However, he has been in that position since January when Christie took office; therefore, the issue should have been raised then.

    Some will argue that Ms. Clay injected herself into this campaign by allowing her letter to be used in the Cumberland County Democrats’ mailer, and this is true. And I prefer executive director of the Cumberland County Women’s Shelter, Ms. Esposito-Reale’s approach to try and keep politicians from exploiting volatile issues like this, by criticizing them when they do. However, we’re now less than two hours away from the end of the campaign season, and what’s done is done. Ultimately, the politicization of this issue lies with those who made it public (Magazzu and Jannarone) and paid for the publicizing of it (the Cumberland County Democratic Organization). Those are the ones ultimately responsible and who should be held accountable. This issue would have been out there with or without Ms. Clay’s letter.

  26. Guess-Who says:

    “Christina Clay says:
    November 2, 2010 at 3:09 pm

    I have more important things to do – This is a real organization and Noone in my family my father, brother or my siter the Assemblywoman Riley have anything to do with this organization. I am in it for the long haul because it is something I believe in being a victim myself.”

    Well Ms. Clay, this Org doesn’t appear to be a PRIORITY of yours since you can NOT even answer the simple Question[s] that have been posed to you!?!

    What are the Hours that the Org. is Available to the Citizen[s] of Cumberland County, NJ that are in need of your Org assistance?

    Is IT 24/7 or 9-5 or 12-6 or the Office is NOT Open at this Time, can you tell or give some kind of indication Ms. Clay?

    There are individual’s/Victim[s] that might need a Phone Number or an Address so they can CONTACT you Ms. Clay as to WHAT the org Provides…

    We are past the point of NOT Answering the Question[s] as you have RESPONDED with”I have more important things to do”.
    WHAT is more important than the Victim[s] & the Org which you’re the Chairwoman?.

    Checks and Balance make the County a Better Place

  27. new2cumberland says:

    Ms. Clay doesn’t have to explain anything to anyone really. And dealing with domestic violence I am sure that there has to be a certain level of , for lack of a better term , secrecy to protect the victims. But doesn’t the timing of it give one pause?
    Otherwise, you are 100% correct–what’s done is done, you can’t un-ring the bell. But to me so far this is just a further example of what the Maguzzu organization is capable of—–they never hesitate when it comes to “sweeping the leg”.

  28. Calhoun says:

    Absolutely, the timing does give one pause. It leads many of us to be disgusted and outraged. But the timing was not of Ms. Clay’s doing. It was done by the Cumberland County Democrats.

  29. I Know says:

    I’m certainly glad, or at least I hope my comment busted this thread wide open and exposed those who commit immoral campaigning.

    If Chrissy really was abused and she has started an organization to help women, great!

    However, if it proves to be the ultimate political dirty trick, she was used and abused again. It has the makings of a a tragedy all the way around and she will walk away with zero credibility. Who can she thank for that?

    Medical professionals will wash their hands of issues that threaten their practice or credibility. They shouldn’t enter into politics and assume the voters will submit to their arrogance.

    Obviously the threat of diclosure for infidelity makes some weak in the knees and forces withdrawal from public scrutiny.

    Of course these are only my opinions. It’s a new day in Cumberland County. Next stop, the magazzu departure.

  30. new2cumberland says:

    Yeah, I kind of get the vibe that this family thinks it’s Cumberland County’s version of the Kennedys—there are a lot of them (11–I was told)and do most of them stay in the area?

    Maybe if Ms. Clay is the women married(formerly???) to the cop she sees a certain need for women in a similar situation. Like I mentioned earlier she really doesn’t have to explain herself or her motives. And I guess an organization can exist without paperwork—-but doesn’t that usually work toward giving an organization credibility. You wouldn’t ask a bank for a loan without a business plan, would you?

    Anyway, this is just what I’m getting from the thread—the reaction of these people seemed pretty defensive and they came off a tad bit entitled.

  31. WuLi says:

    I have seen Joe Riley in action, and yes, he does feel he is entitled. He is a supreme egotist, perhaps why he left the freeholder board, he couldn’t stand being second banana to Lou whose ego way surpasses reason.

  32. mango says:

    Dr. Riley claims I remain anonymous because I am a coward. What if, on the other hand, I am a county employee? How long would I last if I revealed my name? Witness Lou’s treatment of people who have challenged him — they lose their jobs. Ethan Aranoff is just one example.

    That being said, perhaps, as Riley claims, he was totally ignorant of his sister’s foray into county politics. She wrote a letter condemning the Republicans for supporting wife beating, created an organization that may have no members other than herself, and allowed her name and the name of the organization to be used in a reprehensible campaign ad. Maybe she did all this without consulting her former freeholder and Lou loyalist brother, Dr. Riley?

    If we allow that possibility, then how did Ms. Clay get sucked into this? Did Lou or Jane knock on her door and say that she, as a domestic abuse victim, was their perfect poster child? Or did she go to them and offer her services?

    The timing is indeed the crux of the issue. Domestic violence is a serious and longstanding problem. Why such concern among Democrats on the eve of the election? They have had years to publicize their concerns and to commit in a serious way to addressing the problem.

    There is just no way around it — this smear campaign was blessed if not invented by Lou. He used the same tactic to get Austino elected, when he lied about Carl Johnson’s domestic circumstances. This year he ratcheted up the smear, and it backfired.

    As for Ms. Clay, we will never know whether she was used or whether she was party to the smear campaign. If she indeed is wholeheartedly committed to addressing domestic abuse in Cumberland County, then I wish her luck in building a real organization that works with agencies such as the Women’s shelter. I’m certain she would make a great fund raiser for the cause. She is clearly passionate about the issue and would make a convincing spokesperson. Now that she has become so publicly identified with the issue, let’s see how she capitalizes on her visibility to advance the cause of domestic violence prevention.

  33. I Know says:

    You can absolutely bank on the fact that Ms Clay thought she would remain annonymous and so did the “handlers”. They probably thought she was untraceable with a different name with no family reference. When it came out who she was, the protection mode kicked into high gear. Plausable deniabilty.

    The most unfortunate part was a person was used for no good reason and now will be thrown to the side like so many other political martyrs. And the result?

    The good Doctor probably didn’t realize the backlash this would have created and just how many people read this blog.

    I wonder if the Assemblywoman has an opinion on this as well since the spokesman doc in the family weighed in.

    Here’s a few tips for politicians, public servants and those that make the family fortune on the citizens:

    Remain in the public’s good graces by doing the right thing, serve the public for the right reasons, stay out of gutter politics and when that backroom door is closed, remember what happens when it opens again.

    Sunlight is a great disinfectant!

  34. ?????? says:

    An organization of one?
    President by electing oneself?
    Appears to only exist in her own mind.
    Must be on the same meds as Magazzu.

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