An open letter from Jennifer Swift

To All..

The election is tomorrow and a lot is at stake. You have just witnessed the “Lou Magazzu” style of politics at its worst. His politics of “personal destruction” are well known by those of us who have had to deal with him. His feigned concern for women is a joke, at best. Just ask any of us (women) who have served on the Freeholder board with him. He has a long history of treating the women on the board with disrespect, threats, and behind the scenes attempts to silence us.

Last year, Bruce, Jane and I ran as independents to try to break his hold on the county. Although unsuccessful, I believe we brought many issues to light. Those issues (CCUA pay and benefits; Lou’s benefit package; financial dealing for personal gain by Lou, etc) are still going on.

Thompson and Pepitone have done nothing to correct the situations above and indeed, have supported all of Lou’s actions. Most disappointing is the gutter campaign they have waged this year. Both candidates lied when they said they didn’t know about Jane Jannarone’s press conference. It’s clear now it was part of an orchestrated campaign.

It’s important for democrats to denounce this type of campaign. In this case, I believe silence can be construed as agreement, or at very least, acceptance. Well, it’s just not acceptable.

All this having been said, the final truth of the matter is that Sam Fiocchi and Carl Kirstein are just the better candidates. They come to the election without ulterior motives, and with a legacy of successful accomplishments in life.

I am asking you to give them a chance and your vote tomorrow, and if you agree with my assessment, email your friends and others today and start the ball rolling.

Tomorrow could be the start of something good for our county.

Jennifer Swift


5 Responses to An open letter from Jennifer Swift

  1. Mark says:

    Agreed. Thanks Jennifer

  2. JamesRSauro says:

    We all know that Lou Magazzu is a disgrace. It should be the Democrat party demanding his resignation as chairman. This campaign was low even by his standards. I’m trying to understand how anyone would want to be a democrat with him as the leader. How do you keep your head up.

  3. Hang 'em High says:

    Jim, we certainly agree on this one. The Maggot is the sleaziest chair in the history of the Democrat Party. Funny thing is, he seems to have convinced those around him to follow his lead.

    Even after he threw Donna Pearson under the bus, she supported him in the last election.


  4. GoGoCumCo says:

    Speaking of our friend the Solar Panel Salesman…. I heard today that it was the Attorney General’s Office that saved him from whatever corruption investigation was going on a few months ago….. Now, I can’t speak to the validity of this source, but I believe it……. I bet that was a LOT of favors !!

  5. sunshine says:

    I heard the same thing. I also heard that Lou had a DAG and investigator at the AG’s office let go so as to not get in the way. Guess some favors were paid?

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