Thank you Cumberland County Democrats

The following just came into my inbox this morning. I don’t know if the writer wants to be identified, if so she is free to comment and take credit for this excellent letter.

Thank you Cumberland County Democrats for making us #1! Cumberland County has the highest unemployment in New Jersey, 12.8% according to the Cumberland County has the poorest health in New Jersey according to a 2010 Robert Wood Johnson Foundation study.

Cumberland County has the highest poverty level in New Jersey according to U.S. Census statistics released in September. A 2009 report from the State listed Cumberland County as #1 in teen pregnancy rates, which could be attributed to the high number of illegal aliens present in Cumberland County, a 560% increase in aliens in the county according to the State Department of Labor and Workforce Development.

To top these great accomplishment by the Democrats running Cumberland County, it is also the least educated county in the State, according to a study commissioned by our own Freeholders.

So if Cumberland County voters want to maintain their #1 status keep voting Democrat. The Democrats cannot run on their accomplishments because they are so amazing, they have to run on vicious, personal attacks and trivialize domestic abuse as a campaign tool.

It is time for REAL change in Cumberland County. Would you rather have businessmen who know how to expand business and increase job opportunities, real jobs, or organizers and activists who only know how to agitate, cater to illegal aliens as a sanctuary county, and reduce the quality of life in Cumberland County?

The choice is clear, and it is not for Democrats. Vote for Fiocchi and Kiersten local, educated, small-business owners, providing jobs, know-how and experience in Cumberland County.

One Response to Thank you Cumberland County Democrats

  1. This person hit the nail wright on the head,may be if she was a farmer and knows how to herd sheep we could get them to vote fore the Big R’S.

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