Magazzu’s garbage campaign fails

Fiocchi and Kirstein beat Pepitone and Thompson in Cumberland County

The News of Cumberland Count reports:

Fiocchi received the most votes, with 14,371. His runningmate Kirstein came in second with 14,213 votes. Pepitone came in third with 13,259, and Thompson rounded out the pack with 13,042.

The News calls it a close race, but 1,000 vote difference in an off year election is more than a close race. Is it a mandate that Lou get out of politics n the county?


9 Responses to Magazzu’s garbage campaign fails

  1. Prayers answered says:

    Congratulations Sam and Carl.

  2. Guess-Who says:

    Compromise is coming to the Chosen Board of Freeholder in Cumberland County

    The Checks and Balance are going to be in Place at the County Level Jan 1st 2011…

    It is a NEW Day for Cumberland County, NJ; The PEOPLE have Spoken LOUD & CLEAR about this type of Campaign that was ORCHESTRATED against a Non-Candidate.

    This kinda of Politics only seems to Work in Camden or Gloucester County, NJ.

    Cumberland County VOTER[S} have proven that ALL that are/were Involved with the Decision to ATTACK a Non-Candidate, will NOT be coming back for another Term to REPRESENT the Citizens/People of Cumberland County, NJ.

    The People are WATCHING & L{.}{.}King closer than before, This Fact is a Stubborn Thing.

    Who believes that the Tactic WORKED as IT was Intended?

    The Word BACKFIRE must have never entered the Frame of Mind when the Decision was made to go this Direction with the Campaign of the Incumbents.

    Lou Magazzu, you make sure & take the Credit U deserve for All of your INPUT & “The Decision” to use this Tactic that Contributed to the loss by Jo & Nelly in the Election.

    It has been FUN, Interesting, Incredible for most in the County.
    The better Candidate[s] have been VICTORIOUS in the Election.

    Checks and Balance make the County a Better Place

  3. Deparego says:

    Congratulations to Sam and Carl. The Rs now need to develop a couple of credible female candidates to take out Jane Jannarone and add to the Freeholder Board esp. as rumor is that Mr. Dunkins will not seek another term under Louie. So glad to see the dirt backfire.

  4. Hang 'em High says:

    ….Funny isn’t it that King Louie was rather silent through the evening last night and hasn’t made a statement yet today… Anyone watching the Quinn show last night would have seen a rather nervous and embarrassed Jim Quinn when Harry Curley brought up the Greco ad as a contributing factor to the Democrats’ loss. Quinn can back-paddle with the best of them. He did everything possible to change the subject.

    KIrstein and Fiocci are Quality guys and I support them

    Now, on to 2011 – Only need 1 more seat to toss the king from his throne

  5. mango says:

    There is no doubt in my mind that the Dems have to blame their loss on their ugly campaign. It was unbelievably cynical of them to think that county voters are stupid enough to fall for such tactics. And, has been pointed out by others, the use of a serious issue as a campaign ploy was a tremendous disservice to the cause of domestic violence prevention. I mean, really, what were these people thinking? Or should I say what was Lou thinking?

    Thanks to Wuli for keeping this site alive, and to Calhoun for his thoughtful contributions. I believe they both made a difference.

  6. Guess-Who says:

    Carl/Wuli knows WHAT has been Achieved & what he has Contributed besides the Thanks that come from some without a WORD being Said directly to him.

    The Site, Magazzuwatch is even getting some NEW Signs around the County from Time 2 Time.

    Keep Spreading the Word that this Site is still Producing RESULTS & ACCOUNTABILITY.

  7. Calhoun says:

    Hang’em High’s comment hit the nail on the head regarding Quinn’s broadcast last night. Clearly, Curley said something (the smear campaign) he was not supposed to and Quinn’s pause and attempts to change the topic were so obvious (he was the Moe to Harry Curley’s Curly). Clearly, the ground rules on Quinn’s station last night were 1) to say nothing bad about Magazzu and how his problems may have rubbed off on the Ds or 2) to not speak about the Greco issue. Citizens in the former Soviet Union got less biased coverage of the Politburo from TASS than Cumberland Couty residents got from Quinn last night.

    Ds’ staements to the contrary, there was no Republican wave in Cumberland County that propelled Fiocchi and Kirstein to victory. LoBiondo won roughly by numbers he always wins by. Furthermore, a ballot question in Bridgeton supported by the former mayor, an R, failed. Also the Ds won in Commercial, Fairfield, and Maurice River Townships, in one case (Commercial Twp.) ousting a long time mayor (note to Garrison: next time plough your own damned driveway).

    No, this loss can be laid right at Magazzu’s door. Let’s see if the CCDO realizes this and makes changes.

    Thank you Carl for providing an alternative outlet from Cumberland County’s version of the TASS News Agency.

  8. new2cumberland says:

    Absolutely—–so important to get all of the story—thanks 4 the info and the pertinent backstories.

  9. Hang 'em High says:

    Carl, I need to right a wrong.

    I have been a fan and contributor of this site since you had the courage and tenacity to create and maintain it.

    I neglected to do what my parents raised me to do and that is to always say “thank you” to those who do the right thing.

    So, Carl, Thanks! Through your efforts, those thinking people of this county are in your debt.

    Keep it up and the name Maggot Zoo will someday be nothing more than a bad memory.

    Best Wishes

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