I rec’d this question in my inbox this afternoon:

Has anyone heard of the rumor that if Nelson Thompson lost the election, Lou would find him a job working for Cumberland County at some high paying position? Don Olbrich has been saying he needs help to run the Public Works because it is too much for him to handle alone. Sounds like a Lou deal to me.

Anybody want to chime in?


15 Responses to Rumor

  1. In the Know says:

    Every one knows that Don needs the help because he does not have a clue of the concept of road work. I doubt that Nellie could provide guidance. Don is terrified about his job status. Reports were that he and Nelson were seen in Home Depot buying paint brushes………Perhaps a new line of work?

  2. Demo Joe says:

    I am sure that Don Olbrich needs help. No experience or knowledge. Let’s consider that how did Dan Orr cover the massive jobs of County Engineer and Director of Public Works under one salary. Now Don Olbrich states that he can not handle it? So Nelson comes in as apainter to offer advice. Looks like 2 Democratic salaries when there was one.

    Tom, and fellow elected new comers, is something missing?


  3. Guess-Who says:

    I heard something interesting and am WAITING for IT to be VERIFIED…If it is TRUE alot of People will be Surprised about this.

    CHECKS and BALANCE make the County a Better Place

  4. Hang 'em High says:


    1 – Dunkins will step down EARLY

    2 – Thompson will get appointed

    Guess who?

  5. ?????? says:

    More likely Magazzu will replace Rainear at the CCIA and give Thompson the compliance officer position.

  6. Bridgeton Gary says:

    I heard Lou was going to appoint Nelson to something but he couldn’t see through the swollen eyes or speak from the sore jaw from the whooping he got from Nelson. It’s just a rumor though.

  7. LC says:

    Guess who is a crazy old guy. I’ve seen him at Vineland meetings.

  8. Calhoun says:

    Here’s my prediction.

    A meeting is set up by D bigwigs to heal the wounds within the party. It takes place at a Spanish restaurant. Lou and Nelson arrive first and order tapas. Big mistake, as they end up getting into a fight over the food, each accusing the other of eating more than his fair share, and each refusing to pick up the tab. Joey P. arrives next and proceeds to eat everything, while Lou and Nelson fight over the food that is no longer there; sated, Joey will proceed to enjoy the unfolding circus from his front row seat. Jane then arrives and cannot believe the waiter agreed to serve them tapas; she demands his resignation for causing this scene. Al Kelly arrives and begins asking Lou — still rolling on the floor with Nelson — some questions about poverty in Cumberland County and the role of the federal government and Tri-County. Al then agrees to pick up the tab, billing it to Tri-County as a business expense, thanks to the 30 second conversation he had with Lou.

    Just a prediction.

  9. Guess-Who says:

    Can u Imagine Nelly Driving the NEW Brine Truck this Winter with Lou Magazzu telling Thompson:

    WHERE to Go
    HOW to USE the Material
    WHEN to DISPENSE this Material onto the Streets
    WHAT Amount of Material to Spread
    WHY Lou is the, well U fill in the _ _ _ _ !

    CHECKS and BALANCE make the County a Better Place

  10. Layne G. Ball says:

    Lou or Nelson and Don do not Know what a Brine Truck is or does , and neither do the Public Works workers. Maybe some one will Know how to use the NEW POT HOLE Filling Machine even better???????? How about the NEW VAC TRUCK at about 2Hundred GRAND. ( nice word HUH?) Don’t worry about all the new pleasure vehicles, these are required every year. (use it or lose it) Is DAN a HAPPIER person now? Hey! What’s the Mosquito Dept. doing with it’s 5 year behind schedule of ditching?? Does the UAW President’s Son have an Idea? Must be part of the problem and not the solution. You Go Bill, Tom. Carl and Sam!!!!!

  11. Layne G. Ball says:


  12. Way to go Lane boy didn’t they scrue us county tax payers.Time to trim the fat off of the dead beats.They say they can’t.All you have to do is give out written warning letters when they are not doing there job and after three in 90 days see ya.

  13. John Dellaquilla says:

    Layne the Light Switch is at it again. From somebody that did not do anything for 30 yrs.

  14. izurblu5ft2 says:

    Well considering that Rainear isn’t SUPPOSED to be a permanent thing at the CCIA if that is what I recall him stating last year in the Daily Journal…Lou will probably throw Olbrich over there….let’s see how much more he can run them into the ground.

  15. Layne G. Ball says:

    My (Dear John) letter. Sorry the wounds are so deep. ( must be hard to lick em). The 5 year behind in ditching in the Mosquito Dept. is a direct quote from both your bosses. Heather Lomberk said it many times at Public Works meetings and Fran Smith ( Heavy Equipment Supervisor, but just for the Mosquito Dept, that’s odd) also said it many times before I retired. Hopefully the crew you put in time with has made progress. ( I hope it’s not 6 years now)
    Not sure what you mean by ” Light Switch”! Are you thinking that it is “on” and the new Freeholders will be able to see what you are actually doing, or do you hope it is “off” so you can continue to do what the crew has been doing to get 5 (maybe 6) years behind?
    As for the second sentence, please don’t lie John, you know I was there for 34 and a half years. (ha ha)

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