What Happened?

It is known as a fact that the NJ State Attorney General’s office was looking at Magazzu within the last year.  Several months ago rumors were circulating that some action from that office was imminent.

And then nothing.

Until this, posted as a comment on this blog by GoGoCumCo on November 2:

Speaking of our friend the Solar Panel Salesman…. I heard today that it was the Attorney General’s Office that saved him from whatever corruption investigation was going on a few months ago….. Now, I can’t speak to the validity of this source, but I believe it……. I bet that was a LOT of favors !!

We would really like to know if there is any truth to this rumor.  It certainly does lead to speculation.  What favors were done, chits cashed in, or did Lou sell out an even bigger target — maybe someone in the county with fingers on millions of taxpayer dollars?

What happened?


5 Responses to What Happened?

  1. Grasshopper says:

    Would this have anything to do with the subpoenas that were issued at the Cumberland Manor earlier this year? What ever happened with that investigation? Didn’t the Admin resign not that long ago? Another investigation that fell silent.

  2. WuLi says:

    Cumberland Manor was something entirely different, as I understand.

  3. Grasshopper says:

    I’m sure Lou had his hand in that one.

  4. LC says:

    I doubt it. Lou doesn’t have any favors left to pay anyone back. No one, especially at the state level, is beholden to him.

  5. Sunshine says:

    Mango-I heard the same thing. I also heard that Lou had a DAG and investigator at the AG’s office let go so as to not get in the way. Guess some favors were paid?

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