Magazzu quietly pushes through pay increase for Austino and Rainear

At the end of last night’s freeholder meeting, Lou Magazzu attempted to quietly pass a resolution

Magazzu’s merry band of sycophants quietly pushed through a pay increase for Surrogate Rainear. As you know if you are a regular follower of MWatch, this liar ran on the main campaign promise of working at a reduced pay. Now they, and the freeholders that unanimously spoke out against the “greedy” Republicans have broken that promise. I am sure that they were hoping that we would not notice.

What is worse, as this piece of campaign literature proves, is that the good Reverend Dunkins is a liar! Jannarone and Whelan, too, are liars. They quietly voted to break their campaign promise and give their buddy Doug Rainear a pay raise! This is after they ALL unanimously made a big stink and willingly participated in a public smear campaign against those “greedy Republicans”. They should ALL be ashamed!

But when their fearless leader, Lou Magazzu, has a total lack of ability to speak truth, it is no wonder that they follow suit.


2 Responses to Magazzu quietly pushes through pay increase for Austino and Rainear

  1. Liars says:

    The worst part of this big lie is the campaign piece.
    Click on it and note the effort to stop obscene salaries and PENSIONS for politicians. Rainear is collecting a teachers pension. Fine, he earned it.
    The rub is that he held two political jobs for years to get another pension. He ran for Surrogate to have 5 years at the $100,000.00 plus salary. His pension and years of double dipping would get him another tax payer pension in the 60-70 thousand range.
    His pension would be based on the legal full salary, not on the phony lower salary he ran for office on. Rainear is lazy, and never bothered to do his homework. The law had changed, and now he is out of the PERS pension. He was furious when he realized this. He cried to everyone he could. Now he just wants the cold hard cash.

  2. Hang 'em High says:

    Does this really surprise ANYBODY???? With Rainear, it has ALWAYS been about the money.

    When he was double-dipping as a Freeloader and a Committeeman he promised to give his Committman’s salary to the fire companies. As far as I know he never lived up to this promise. He has NEVER done anything as a volunteer.

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