Take me to the chapel

Last night, the night before a holiday, as is Lou Magazzu’s usual method to push through ordinances that he knows will not have public support, he rammed through the controversial chapel. The final vote will be December 23, again right before a holiday!

1.a private or subordinate place of prayer or worship; oratory.
2.a separately dedicated part of a church, or a small independent churchlike edifice, devoted to special services.
3.a room or building for worship in an institution, palace, etc.

Article I, Section 3 of the NJ State Constitution says in part “…nor shall any person be obliged to pay tithes, taxes, or other rates for building or repairing any church or churches, or places of worship…”

During last night’s freeholder meeting, Lou and his marionettes unanimously approved a resolution to continue with the chapel project. This despite being informed that the New Jersey constitution prohibits taxpayers from being forced to support any place of worship.

Let it be clear that Lou Magazzu could not care less about veterans.  He will give lip service, and he will use them and drape himself in the American flag to further his political ambitions. However, just as he unashamedly used the serious issue of domestic violence in a despicable smear campaign, this chapel serves one purpose – that is to reward Lou’s cohorts.

We need to watch carefully who gets the money – I can almost guarantee that the jobs will go to Camden.

Just what secret messages were the freeholders sending to each other last night, during what was supposed to be a public meeting? Were those texts a violation of sunshine laws?

And why has Lou been lying about the true costs of this project. The other day he was adamant that this project would only cost Cumberland County taxpayers 20 cents. Then last night the cost mysteriously increased to 80 cents. Now is 80 cents going to make or break anyone in this county? That is NOT the issue. The issue is that 80 cents coupled with a thousand other 80 cent increases in spending, which this freeholder board seems to do consistently, adds up to and unbearable property tax burden.

The issue is that taxpayers being forced to finance a building for religious worship is unconstitutional.

The issue is that Lou Magazzu has purposely refused to discuss the costs of maintenance. And here is the clincher. Magazzu has not discussed the need to run water and sewer to this property in order to provide restrooms, which would be mandated by code. How much will the taxpayers or CCUA ratepayers in the county have to ante up to pay for that expenditure?

My question is just who is going to benefit from the new utilities? What back room deals have been made by Lou Magazzu? This chapel is a means to an end – and it never was for the benefits of veterans. It is a way to force taxpayers to finance water and sewer to this end of the county. So I would like to know what developers have a stake in this project? This is the REAL issue and where we need to be looking.

7 Responses to Take me to the chapel

  1. I’am a veteran who spoke against the chapel for many of the rite reasons.Then I read were Mr.Hampton said that he has never herd of a veteran saying they were against the building of this Chapel.Dear Brother Veteran were have you been for the last six months.No disrespect but alot of Veterans that I know say the same thing NO at this present time.What promises were the few of you given by the Director your picture in the paper and a box of empty promises.Freeholder Whalen even stated he has family members who are veterans and they say NO at this present time.

  2. lawman says:

    The papers keep making a big issue about the chapel.
    How about the $600,000.00 that was spent to design the new prosecutor office. The building was completely designed. The cost was bonded, bid packages were prepared, even the clerk of the works was selected. The bonding means we have been paying the mortgage for 2 years on a building that has not been built. Now we are spending hundreds of thousands more to out of county firms to do plans the Vine St. school. More money wasted, and the building is less than half the size needed. Now that is a real waste of our money.

  3. Dan Mourning says:

    I just wanted to add that I also filed an official complaint with the NJ Office of the ACLU on Thanksgiving Day. I hadn’t thought of it until Lou mistakenly referred to the “AFLCIO” when he meant the ACLU. Freudian slip I suppose. Being a retired cop, I never thought I’d have to resort to using the ACLU myself 😉 They asked what action I’d like for them to take in the online complaint form, and while I said I would leave that for their legal experts, I did suggest a temporary injunction blocking the December 23rd vote, their presence, etc. I also gave them reference links for the debacle.

  4. hobie says:

    I called ACLU last week. Talked to a person that was able to pull up the newspaper article about the Chapel.
    She told me she had to pass it onto a Lawyer committee for their decision.
    Haven’t heard from her again.
    Hope someone has a better response from them than I did.

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