Contact the ACLU

If you are one of the many that believe that this chapel is a direct violation of the New jersey constitution, I urge you to contact the ACLU now!

Lou is hell-bent on forcing taxpayers to fund this project, but he couldn’t come up with the same amount of money to save county jobs? What is wrong with this picture?

It has nothing to do with patriotism or respect for our veterans. If Lou respected our veterans, he would have been cutting the county tax rate and saving our retired vets from having to pay increased property taxes onpet projects that benefit his political cronies.

This chapel has one purpose. That purpose is to run water and sewer out to that end of the county so that Lou’s contractor friends can be paid back for their support.

So please – use the link to contact the ACLU, and write a brief synopsis of the vote last week, and the intent to ignore the NJ constitution by Magazzu.

In the part where they ask for the action you would like to see taken, enter that you want a temporary injunction. Keep it short and succinct. The more letters they get in reference to this travesty of government, the more likely they are to get involved.


2 Responses to Contact the ACLU

  1. Claude Robinson says:

    Took your advise, and filed a complaint with the ACLU, over the internet, took less than five minutes.

  2. Dan Mourning says:

    Thanks for doing so Claude! I hope others have as well. I just got off the telephone with the top man of the NJ Chapter of the ACLU, and I will be meeting with him next week.

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