Who’s Greedy Now?

Three of our freeholders, one a reverend, are despicable liars. As I pointed out last week, they made promises to every taxpayer in Cumberland county to “take $550,000 in savings from the Austino-Rainear cuts and apply it directly to property tax relief”. This was a promise that these liars all understood was based on false numbers. The savings would be much less, when you account for the fact that Austino is such an incompetent that he had to hire an extra Under Sheriff to fulfil the duties for which he is apparently unqualified. It was much less when the Assistant Surrogate refused to take the pay-cut promised.

These freeholders, the lying reverend Dunkins, Jannarone and Whelan all voted to approve pay increases to Doug Rainear, with three years left on his term. Doug Rainear is a liar, because he also promised to “cut the salaries of themselves and their assistants $110,000 per year”. Doug states, in an article in today’s Daily Journal:

“It was a difficult decision, but my circumstances are different than a few years ago.”

My question to Doug is this, what exactly changed from two years ago when you said that the full salary for this positions was “ungodly,” “unfair” and “not justifiable”? What exactly makes the salary acceptable now that you want it?

I will answer that question. Doug Rainear has three years left on his term. He knows that he is unelectable. The last three years salary is the base figure that a pension is calculated. This thief conspired with the Democrat freeholder board, blatantly violating the trust of the taxpayers and breaking the main promise upon which their campaigns were based.


5 Responses to Who’s Greedy Now?

  1. Guess-Who says:

    Will Mr. Doug Rainear call-in or be in Studio to the Delaware Vally Hotline on Dec 1st 2010 between 9am & 10:00am?

    He is a Regular on the Show & is fishing buddies with the Host.

    The Public wants to HEAR it from his (DR) LIPS.

  2. Hang 'em High says:

    Guess-Who, et. al.

    Even if the public hears it from his (DR) LIPS, you can bet DR will lie again.

    Rainear is the same guy who held 2 political offices while employed as a teacher, and accepted 3 (yes 3 – not 1 not 2 but 3) health insurance plans.

    Rainear is the same guy who, as an Upper Deerfield Twp Committeeman had himself appointed to the Cumberland County Utilities Authority – so that he could collect both salaries.

    Rainear is the same guy who promised to donate his salary as an Upper Deerfield Twp Committeeman to local fire and rescue companies in the township. Funny, the money never arrived.

    Rainear is the same guy who got Magazzu to hire his dear brother, Donald to replace Steve Wymbs at the Cumberland County Improvement Authority.

    Rainear is the same guy who ranted and raved about how Gloria Noto’s request for the minimum salary for a constitutional officer was greedy.

    Rainear is the same guy who blasted Art Marchand for getting a huge pension through PERS, but now that Rainear is not able to follow in Marchand’s footsteps, he has decided that things have changed in his life, so he must be entitled to a $35,000 raise – retroactive, no less.

    Things have changed in my life this year, too. How do I get a $35,000 raise – footed by the taxpayers?

    Give me a BREAK

  3. Guess-Who says:

    This about Sums IT all UP:

  4. Guess-Who says:

    Watch this 7:20 Video of Dougie;

    Notice what is SAID at the 2:58 on the Timer & the Stats at 4:57 on the Video Timer;

  5. Hang 'em High says:

    Just a thought….. If Rainear’s “situation” has indeed changed and he does really need the extra dollars, what would he be doing right now, had he not been elected Surrogate and remained a Freeholder? Probably the same types of things the rest of us do; tighten our belts and/or look for another job.

    Just a thought

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