Fran Reilly has a few gems about the chapel

Fran Reilly had an interesting editorial in today’s Daily Journal:

Meanwhile, my pal Louis Magazzu, the freeholder director, gave us the old “it’s only 20 cents more on your taxes” shibboleth as justification for a half-million dollar construction of a chapel championed, at this point, by a relative handful of people. The vote by the freeholders (six Democrat and one Republican) was — shock and awe — 6-1 in favor. Call that one lame turducken, since that partisan count will become a mere 4-3 Democratic majority come Jan. 1.

Most of our pols know how to talk the talk, but when it comes to the walk they tend to tiptoe through the tulips. “We must do everything in our power to relieve the unfairly burdened taxpayer,” (but yo, we’ve got these unions to deal with). “We must eliminate all non-essential spending” ( but, yo, we promised this one and it’s only 20 cents more on your tax bill). Ad nauseam.

Now I won’t go into the fact that Reilly has been complicit in many of those “20 cents more on your tax bill” items. His sentiment is correct. However, he does take a trek into Disneyland with his comments about Whelan and Jannarone:

I find little encouragement in all this, but there are a couple of bright spots. Freeholders-elect Sam Fiocchi and Carl Kirstein continue to say all the right things, and once they join fellow Republican Tom Sheppard on the board, the rational voice of business could finally dominate the discussion. Democrat Bill Whelan, least partisan member of the Democratic majority, exhibits the level-headedness of a career in banking. Adding in self-employed Realtor Jane Jannarone, five freeholders will — to varying degrees — bring pay-as-you-go experience to the deliberative body.

How can the recent blatant breaking of the main campaign promises by Jannarone and Whelan be a “bright spot”? The two campaigned and PROMISED to apply the savings of reduced salaries of their surorgate and sheriff to reduce taxes. Last week they knowingly and with foresight and malice broke their pledges to every taxpayer and voter in Cumberland County. This promise, this pledge was the very basis of their campaigns. They ran on NO OTHER ISSUE – so to blithely break that promise, without apology or explanation is inexcusable. Neither of them are fit for public service, and not one word that they ever utter can ever be construed as being truthful.


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