Listen to Rainear, Jannarone, and Dunkins LIE!

Watch this video – and then give me ONE reason that Doug Rainear should not be impeached!

Notice also near the end where Doug Rainear lies and claims the sheriff serves for five years, when and liar Bob Austino both know the sheriff only serves three years. Can you guess why Austino declined the same “greedy” and “insane” pay increase that Doug Rainear now feels is justified? Austino is running for re-election. Who here thinks for one minute that he won’t go screaming for that increase the day after he is re-elected? And regardless of his empty promise, the freeholders would be sued, and would lose if they refused to pay him the increase after crybaby Rainear walked away with his sweet increase.


9 Responses to Listen to Rainear, Jannarone, and Dunkins LIE!

  1. Guess-Who says:

    You’re NOT Surprised are U?

  2. Jennifer Swift says:

    All five in this video should resign effective today.

  3. Guess-Who says:

    Here is the Announcement of the REDUCTION in Salary:

  4. Guess-Who says:

    Part B;
    Just so U can SEE the Facts as They are Stubborn Things:

  5. fedup says:

    When are the newspapers going to make this an issue? Oh, I forgot…we don’t really have any legitimate papers here in Cumberland County, only mouthpieces for the freeloaders, particularly their head honcho, Lou. Maybe the Press of AC will get wind of this and run with it, but I’m not holding my breath. How can the freeholders even rationalize this? How about all the truly poor people of this county, including county workers who were laid off? I guess their circumstances haven’t changed during the past year? Rainear couldn’t even come up with a plausible explanation for this, other than his own greed. If he wasn’t so ignorant and arrogant, he would have known about the proposed pension changes, they were all over the news on NJN…oh,yeah, that’s a little too cerebral for this crowd. Anyway, where’s BIG LOU and his big mouth now? Can;t wait till the authorities catch up with this gang…what a bunch of crooks!

  6. oinkforfreedom says:

    Lies. Can we start a recall petition or is the dammed deck stacked against us. Lets see the Chapel and Douggie’s new salery=TAX INCREASE.

  7. Steve Tatz says:

    Hey Dunkins….INTEGRITY? You gotta be kidding. Hey…anybody miss Art Marchand? If this video doesn’t say it all.

  8. FactFinding101 says:

    I like where the Austino says he was the #3 in rank, not the #3 ranking as Lou wanted him to say, and then when Lou mistakenly says he was a retired sergeant instead of lieutenant, and Austino corrects him, Lou says it’s a “substantial” difference in rank. No Lou, it’s one step up. Austino now has TWO undersheriffs and a warrant officer. Baruzza did the job with one undersheriff.

    The sad fact is, their salaries are constitutionally linked to those of Superior Court judges, and if they want it, it’s theirs, but they’re clearly liars and have let the County down.

  9. abondroit says:

    The people of Cumberland County deserve better. But that won’t happen until Magazzu and his cronies are voted out of office. There’s a primary election coming up and it’s not too early to pull a slate together to challenge the Democrats now in office. Whoever supports a Magazzu ticket does it for personal gain. He has no real friends.

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