UMDNJ & Magazzu – Perfect Together

The school of medicine to occupy the old Newcomb Hospital is a bit closer to becoming reality, reports the Daily Journal.

The University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey has drafted a tentative plan for operating a medical school here.

The draft of a memorandum of understanding was sent to the city last week, state Sen. Jeff Van Drew said.

School and project officials still need to sign the memorandum of understanding, but the effort moves forward the school’s ongoing negotiations with city and county officials to build a medical school at the former Newcomb Medical Center on State Street, Van Drew said.

MWatch has covered this project for well over a year now, after learning that Tony Danza (a North Jersey developer, not the actor) was involved. Danza was involved in another failed attempt to open a medical school that involved the controversial Touro College. All of a sudden he appears in Vineland developing some projects that we understand Lou Magazzu had a hand in coordinating.

Now the UMDNJ is invovled, and at first that sounds as if it will be legitimate. However, as a commenter on the DJ forums noted, the UMDNJ is not above reproach. In fact there are some connections with Lou’s handlers in Camden and Gloucester Counties that leave us wondering. The person thatposted on the DJ forums said it best:

The university gave Senator Bryant a high paying no-show job in return for political favors at the state level. Bryant was a central figure in Camden and Gloucester County politics, which, by no coincidence, is the home turf of the Sweeney/Norcross Democrats and bankroll of the Cumberland County Democratic Party). Sorry for being skeptical, but when Magazzu and his faithful sidekick VanDrew push something like this you can’t help but wonder about the real intent.

I agree. While normally I would applaud any effort to bring higher paying jobs to the county, it is clear that whenever Magazzu has anything to do with the project there are ulterior motives. We have to wonder which Camden County contractors and architects and legal firms will be getting all of the jobs?


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