Why are Tri-County vans registered in PA?

Recently I reported on Lou’s buddy Al Kelly, and his inability to properly administer the $8.5 million weatherization grant Tri-County had received. To be fair, almost every organization on the receiving end of this grant had succeeded only in paying salaries to people to… sit around and do nothing, apparently.

Now the program is worthwhile; it is too bad that Tri-County didn’t see fit to pursue avenues to weatherize more houses before the cold weather set in. It took an official audit and a severe reprimand before they began aggressively implementing the program.

I was running errands today when I noticed three brand new vans pulling up to a house in Center City, Millville. And they were brand new vehicles, unlike most of the vehicles with PA tags in Bridgeton or Vineland.

I slowed down, and read the logos on the vans – Tri-County Weatherization Program – with a Bridgeton telephone number. Wait – these were Tri-County vans? With Pennsylvania registration? Am I the only person that has a problem with this? Why are Tri-County vehicles paying registration and paying insurance in PA?


2 Responses to Why are Tri-County vans registered in PA?

  1. Maybe the vans are leased out of Pa.

  2. WuLi says:

    That is my guess – which only underlines my point – MORE MONEY going out of South Jersey. That money should be spent in Cumberland County FIRST!

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