A new regime at the Daily Journal

(Staff illustration/Joe Moore)

I opened the Daily Journal this morning and was shocked atth eeditorial. It is not that  don’t agree with it, I agree with it whole-heartedly. It was shocking to see the DJ actually take a stand for once.

Charlie Nutt is gone, and a new editor has taken his place. I think this is a good thing, if today’s editorial is a portent of things to come. The editorial begins…

Once again, it’s promises made, promises broken by a politician.

Douglas Rainear, a longtime Cumberland County freeholder who was elected surrogate in 2008, is putting his personal interests ahead of the public’s and seeks to be paid the full $107,250 salary authorized under state law as a constitutional officer. More disturbingly, with county unemployment in double digits and people still being laid off and furloughed in a jobless recovery, he wants retroactive payment for 2010 of $32,500 in salary.

From there the editorial treads ground that I wish I had done, including a great Photoshopped image of Doug as the pig that he is. This picture is worth the entire price of the Daily Journal for a year! Read the rest of the editorial, it speaks the truth!


3 Responses to A new regime at the Daily Journal

  1. Hang 'em High says:

    Wonder if Lou will throw a temper-tantrum in the editor’s office like he has been known to do….

    Probably not, he threw Rainear under the bus on this one. Now Louie has an issue to run on next time. Can you see it now? “The Surrogate makes too much money.”

    Oh, wait, he tried that one before, didn’t he?

    Gee now he will have to come up with something new. I have every confidence in the world that he will come up with something.

  2. skippy says:

    getting paid 107,000. a year and spends three days a week fishing in fortescue? didnt realize cumberland county had a satellite office there, or is he getting paid to screw off while the rest of his staff do the work for pennies compared to his salary! Kind of makes me want to follow him and see if he is really “fishing”

  3. Deparego says:

    Skippy…you needed to omit “off” after screw…lol. Seriously…is the State going to reimburse this raise retroactively back to the county effective 1/1/10 for this outrageous raise after the State fiscal year closed for 2010 on 6/30/10. But hey, look at the bright side – this raise cannot possibly cost an additional .20 per person like the Chapel. I personally am offended by this raise. We all have changes in circumstances and we would all like to have the extra bucks to cover changes instead of making cuts in our household budgets elsewhere. Apparently Mr Rainear learned to run his household like he did this county as a freeholder. If this raise goes through, he needs to be at work from 8:30 to 4:30 like all the other county workers. This is the example being given to our kids….nice job “leaders”.

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