The Spin Scramble

Lou Magazzu is scrambling to salvage whatever legitimacy is left of his rag-tag team of sycophants. Doug Rainear, the greediest person in south Jersey broke his only campaign promise, and is raking taxpayers over the coals so that he will be able to retire in luxury. His pensions (more than one) will total much more than the median family income in Cumberland County. But he is not happy with that. It must be mentioned that Rainear at one time collected THREE different health benefits. not one, not two – THREE. Many families in this county have no health care, but this public elected official, a man who has no experience in REAL life, subsisting solely by slurping from the public trough seeks only to enrich himself at taxpayer expense.

Lou Magazzu is now in spin control mode. He is pretending that he came up with a new idea – to put the control of public officials’ salaries in the hands of the local government. Lou is a day late and a dollar short. Advocates of this website said more than two years ago that if Lou wanted his constitutional officers to take lower salaries than those mandated by law, the ONLY proper way to do si was to have the law changed. Lou REFUSED. But now that it is an issue – now that he and his minions have been exposed as the morally bankrupt liars that they are, his tune is changing.

And isn’t it convenient that only now does Van Drew enter the picture to advocate what they should have done years ago – to change the laws. Also, I would be remiss if I did not mention that the salaries of constitutional officers was set by state statute for a single purpose – to take politics out of the picture. The salaries mandated by the state were minimum salary levels, most constitutional officer in the state earn much more. Should these levels be discussed and debated – absolutely. I just find it hypocritical of Lou Magazzu to make this an issue today, when he has adamantly and publicly refused to address it in the past when we advocated the same.

The issue here is not whether Rainear is “leagally” entitled to full pay – he is. The issue at hand is whether or not he is moraally and ethically entitled. He is not. He made ONE campaign promise. He ran NOT on his experience, but on his promise to do the job for less. He brought not only a lack of experience, but a refusal to even put in a full days work. Rainear shows up for maybe four hours a day. It  must be nice to earn $75,000 a year, and never work a 40 hour week. He now wants a raise for NOT WORKING!

Magazzu would not comment on whether he thought Rainear was legally entitled to retroactive pay.

The 2008 “Team Rainear” slate also included first-time Democratic freeholder candidates William Whelan, Jane Jannarone and James Dunkins. All won their races.

On Wednesday, county Republican Party Chairman Robert Greco called for Whelan, Jannarone and Dunkins to resign for voting in favor of the salary reimbursement resolution.

“These freeholders broke a serious campaign promise after taking the time to take local politics into the gutter,” Greco said.

There is only one option for Rainear right now, and that is to face imnpeachment. He lied, it is public record. Above all, I think a constitutional officer should be honest. The other alternative is to recall him. He has served – actaully serve is not the proper word to describe what he does – for the requisite one year. It is time for Cumberland County taxpayers to take up arms, and begin the recall process.

And Jannarone, Whelan and Dunkins are all aligiung themselves with liar Rainear – claiming no responsibilty. However, they ALL campaigned ont he same promise, and atthe last freeholder meeting they ALL endorsed him, and not one of them made a public statement of disapproval until this website made it an issue.

Furthermore, these cowards have pulled down the videos of them championing the lower salary, of their promises to apply the so-called saving towards tax erelief. By them voting to give Rainear a $32,000 a year pay increase (that increase itself is MUCH HIGHER than the average income of Cumberland County residents) they colluded. They broke their promise to provide tax relief. The verdict is simple, they too must step down. They are not public servants, they are enemies of the working person in this county.


3 Responses to The Spin Scramble

  1. new2cumberland says:

    I know that there are two Rainears. Is the surrogate the same D. Rainear who owns a summer home in Strathmere NJ?

  2. WuLi says:

    Doug Rainear, the slimy lying Surrogate is brother of Don Rainear, Democrat sycophant that runs the CCIA. They are both political hacks that have absolutely zero experience in the private sector, slurping like pigs from the taxpayer funded public trough. They are both unable to make a living in private industry, and truly have nothing positive to contrinute to society other than to suck the teats of government largesse.

  3. Guess-Who says:

    L{.}{.}Kie Here:

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