Cumberland County Finance Woes Start At Top

Letter to the Editor: Cumberland County Finance Woes Start At Top
Source: The News of Cumberland County / December 03, 2010

To the Editor:

On Oct. 21, there was a Cumberland County Finance Committee meeting at the county complex on Route 49.

As far as I have been able to determine, this was the only Finance Committee meeting this entire year.  Word has it that this committee used to meet every month. That does not happen any more. What does happen?

With our finances in such bad shape, you would think those members of this committee would be meeting regularly and often to keep up with current happenings and be prepared to make necessary changes that will keep us out of trouble. Why don’t they meet more often and communicate better with their citizens?

Last year, right after the election, it was noted the county was short by millions of dollars that they did not know before the election. How did this happen? Why did they not know sooner?

I attended this meeting and found it interesting. I waited to see if those attending this meeting would go out to the public to let us know the state of our county. I requested a copy of the meeting minutes. The meeting was not taped as are the freeholder meetings, and these minutes are not posted anywhere for the public to see.

The minutes I received from the county did not reflect the information I received at the meeting. I will meet to determine just what happened at this meeting with our county leaders.

I am certainly not saying anything illegal happened or was done from this meeting, but I do wish the county were a bit more diligent and open.

A bit of interesting information:

The 2010 budget for bond interest is $3,184,280. This is $265,365 per month. It is also a whopping $8,724.00 per day.

This is only interest. It is not payment for the principle. Could a few workers be paid with this money? Put another way, three days of interest equals the extra money Doug Rainear is looking for from the county for 2010.

I will state that one reason I feel our finances are in such poor shape is due to our leadership in the freeholder board.

The freeholder liaison to the finance committee is Mr. Magazzu. We have a person on the freeholder board that is a banker. Also we have an independent businessman. Either of these individuals seem more appropriate than Mr. Magazzu.

I hope when the new year comes around this change is made first, and that there are more frequent scheduled meetings.

Dean Hawk
Upper Deerfield Twp.


One Response to Cumberland County Finance Woes Start At Top

  1. Guess-Who says:

    Listen Closely to what Lou Magazzu Says about $!

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