Rainear backpedals

By now you have heard the news that Doug Rainear has back-pedaled on his plan to break his only campaign promise. Hopefully this fiasco will be a lesson to Doug and his supporters on the freeholder board.

This entire plan was a fiasco from the get-go. The freeholders left this vote off of the official agenda – I believe in the hopes that the media representatives would have left the building and missed the story when it came up for a vote. The way the vote was handled was clearly designed to evade public knowledge.

Magazzu Watch performed it’s duties and made the story public. And we have succeeded in our purpose of making county government more transparent. Public outrage, fueled by our network of fans, caused Rainear to rethink, and keep his promise.

Of course we have to hear his sob story about his health problems. Excuse me if I am callous, but I don;t want to hear it. A man who at one time had THREE different health plans paid for at taxpayer expense (one of the plans actually gave him cash in lieu of the coverage he didn’t need) does not need to whine about his “health problems”.

If he had a massive heart attack tomorrow, I would cry. After all, he is a despicable human-being that helped drag my family into Lou’s slander campaign against me, a private citizen that merely spoke out about a lie that Lou told the press. Doug, maybe of your weren’t fat, your heart would be in better shape. If you eat healthy and take better care of your body, then you wouldn’t be looking for ways to screw the taxpayers.

This story isn’t over yet. We at MWatch will be watching Louis very carefully to make sure that his boy Van Drew works on true salary reform. However, the end result MUST be a process that is not politicized. I don’t trust Lou or Van Drew to craft any policy that would accomplish this.


If you read the DJ forums attached to this news story, one a-hole compares Gloria Noto to Rainear. There are so many reasons this is wrong.

  1. Gloria Noto works every day and every hour that office is open. Doug rarely shows up before 10AM and doesn’t work a 40-hour week, let alone five days a week.
  2. Gloria not only handles the Clerk position, but also has taken over the position of County Adjuster, sans the pay that goes along with this positi0n ($40k?)

Enough said.


2 Responses to Rainear backpedals

  1. Guess-Who says:

    Have U viewed the Video:

  2. Hang 'em High says:

    Anybody notice that once again, saving face has snapped Rainear’s head back?

    Typical of him. This is the SECOND time he has been caught with his grubby hands in the cookie jar and came up with an excuse.

    First time was when he was a freeholder and running for another term as Twp. Committeeman. When voters questioned the ethics of holding 2 elected positions, Rainear sluffed it off by offering to donate his committeeman’s salary to the fire companies. One doubts that he would have done so out of the goodness of his heart – It was done to buy off the voters.

    Now he decides that he won’t take the full salary. Doubt he would have done so had no one screamed bloody murder.

    This guy is amazing.

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