A word about the so-called “tax savings”

I have to dispel this myth, this rumor, this lie… nobody is saving any money by the fact that Doug Rainear is collecting only a $75,000 salary.

In the Daily Journal today, this is an editorial. The gist is that elected officials have to keep their promises. This entire debate has not been about Doug Rainear’s salary, but the fact that he cavalierly broke a promise. His ONLY campaign promise.

But there is an issue much deeper than his salary. Three freeholders – all of whom should resign for being liars – along with Rainear and the incompetent sheriff Austino lied to the public. They ALL claimed that this lower salary would save taxpayers money.

The DJ editorial gets most of the story right. It affirms that the salaries are set by state statute. It agrees with us at MWatch that accepting that statutory salary is the right of the prospective elected officials. And we agree that the formula used to calculate the salary needs to be amended to reflect local standards. However, the editors of the daily Journal have not done due diligence in their reporting. They have bought Lou Magazzu’s lies lock, stock and barrel.

County Sheriff Robert Austino, who made the same pledge as Rainear in 2008, has remained steadfastly committed to being paid the lower salary of $75,000, which is saving taxpayers $32,250 a year.

The lie is in the tax savings. If you live and work in New Jersey, you are paying state income tax. THAT tax money is coming to Cumberland County to pay the surrogate’s salary, whether we pay him the full amount or not. You haven’t saved a dime. The state of New Jersey is still collecting the same amount of income tax from you, and Cumberland County is still taking that portion of money from the state without argument.


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