Idiocy in the Daily Journal

Doug Rainear has a friend running to his defense in the DJ today:

During my travels recently, the many conversations being discussed were about a longtime friend of mine — Doug Rainear (Cumberland County surrogate).

He made an unpopular decision in a pledge he made to his constituents. He is not the first as an elected official to break a promise, and I am sure he won’t be the last. Is it the right thing to do? No, but it happens.

The topic of constitutional officers’ salaries has been an issue for years and our legislators must address it immediately. This issue cannot continue to be a political football during campaigns by political parties and candidates. This issue only continues to smear the good names of good people who chose public service.

Being a public servant is not an easy job. You have to make many sacrifices in serving. Not everyone is willing to do this.

It is unfortunate that in a matter of days many of us forgot all the good that Doug Rainear has done for us. Doug is a good person with a great family, and his concern with this issue was just that — his family, and I can believe it.

He will always be a good friend of mine, and I will always remember the good things he has done for my township, county and my family.

Happy holidays, Doug, to you and your entire family. May the new year bring you the best of health and happiness.

Laura Pizzo


What is interesting is that the writer never once mentions or enumerates any of the supposed “good things” that Doug has allegedly done. I know the bad things he has done, including writing a letter to the editor slandering my name to further his political race, a letter that had nothing to do with politics.

I know he is a double-dipper, and at one time had THREE different health plans courtesy of the public, one of which he exchanged for cash payments.

I know he made only ONE promise to get elected, and that was to take a reduced salary. I know he broke that promise, and apologized and decided to honor it only AFTER I had made his betrayal public before any local news outlet reported.

I know that he does not work a 40-hour work week, unless his predecessor. I expect a public employee to be in the office Monday through Friday, from 8-4.  That is what they get paid to do. If Doug doesn’t want a 40-hour a week job, I know plenty of people that do.

I understand there are other broken promises – perhaps our faithful readers will fill us in…


22 Responses to Idiocy in the Daily Journal

  1. Guess-Who says:

    Is having the same Letter in 2 or 3 different Newspapers considered a PRESS-RELEASE?

    I believe the 2008 Team Rainear Video is WHAT did the REVERSAL on the REQUEST or could IT be his Medical Condition “Widow Maker” that caused the CHANGE of MIND for the $32,500.00?

    Then there were the Public Comments that have been EXPRESSED by the Community,in many different forms via Radio, Tv & Print(Online) besides magazzuwatch.

    Magazzuwatch has provide the Public the Opportunity to get the TRUTH out to the 156,000 Cumberland County Residents that view the site.

    Dec 23rd at 7:00pm the Last Freeholder Meeting for the Lame-Duck Session.

    It will be WORTH the Time to Attend this Meeting to address important issues the County has before them.

    CHECKS and BALANCE make the County a Better Place

  2. ? says:

    I am fairly certain Mrs. Pizzo, the author of the letter to the papers, is a well respected and loyal member of the Republican party. I believe she is a former Republican Committeewoman and Mayor from Deerfield Township as well as a former Republican County Freeholder. Sure she would know Rainear on both of those levels and apparently she knows him to have been a good man who made a mistake. Don’t we all? Give it a rest, it’s over, he gave back the money and apologized and asked for forgiveness. Now it’s just becoming political spin and political BS for both sides. November will come soon enough, let’s try and enjoy this Holiday Season folks!

  3. whatever says:

    I am fairly certain Laura Pizzo is a loyal and well respected Republican! I think she has been a Republican Township Committeewoman from Deerfield, a former Mayor and a former Republican County Freeholder. I would have to assume she knows Rainear fairly well obviously better than most others. She has always been known for her honesty.

  4. WuLi says:

    I know Rainear to be a flaming AH due to a personal attack that he published in a local paper, an attack so vicious the the editor of the paper personally apologized for allowing the letter to be published. The paper retracted the letter and issued a public apology. Rainear has NEVER been honorable enough or man enough to apologize for bringing my family into his trash campaign that year.

    Until he apologizes to me, sorry but I will not let any mistake he makes rest.

  5. new2cumberland says:

    If Mr. Rainear only requested this $$ because of concern for his family why did he retract only in the face of public opposition? I didn’t really know too much about him, but now he seems pretty slimy. He is like the thief who isn’t sorry he’s stolen, but terribly sorry he is going to jail. He got caught,said it was out of concern for his family,and then waived that out in front of everyone for sympathy. BTW if he does have that serious of a health concern he should resign.

  6. new2cumberland says:

    Oh, and if Ms.Pizzo has been around for years and a Republican–she should be ashamed for supporting him in this nonsense. Mr. Rainear & Mr. Magazzu certainly can dish it out-but they can’t take it very well. Bullys and spinless cowards. If your are going to have the cajones to pull a stunt like this in the first place @ least be able to take the hit–unreal.

  7. whatever says:

    Don’t think you want to battle with Ms. Pizzo from what I’ve heard, or new2cumberland may want to become old2cumberland. She is a good and loyal Republican but doesn’t put up with games from anyone. She has a reputation for being straight forward and honest. She doesn’t play political games with members of either party! I’m confident she is not the least bit ashamed of her support for Rainear.

  8. new2cumberland says:

    She is coming to the defense of a elected official who is acting entirely in his own self-interest. Ms. Pizzo may be scary to some, but not to me. You can threaten me with her wrath all you like–Not too worried……

  9. whatever says:

    Not a threat in the least just said she is a good honest Republican who says Rainear(a democrat) did a number of good things for her township, her County, and her family. All the rest of the stuff is just political jockeying on both sides, just pure political BS. Time, no way past time, to move on to topic du jour!

  10. Guess-Who says:

    Maybe “INDEPENDENTS” have a different view than her or you!

  11. new2cumberland says:

    The poorest county in the state & they’ve been@ the helm for quite some time I understand. I fail to see much positive in their leadership. What is the topic du jour ? Has Mr Rainear really given back the money? One of the last things I heard on the subject was Mr. Magazzu saying that it was still approved @ the increase, because Noto’s salary was also somehow involved. So has he actually returned the 32k? It has been approved by the freeholder board & sent forward to the State. Noto didn’t promise a reduction in salary & still won. (and really, in 2010 $107k is not a huge salary IMO) Would you like to talk about the closure of the Bridgeton DMV on their watch ? You can try to the political move of changing the conversation—but try to find a positive slant on any of their actions may be a hard sell.

  12. Guess-Who says:

    This is NOT an R vs D, IT is really very basic!

    Fore the Surrogate Mr. Rainear to REQUEST the additional money($32,500) & to have pondered this decision for almost a yr is beyond belief.

    The majority of Cumberland County Citizen[s] have been L{.}{.}King at these Public Officials very closely for a while.

    Jane & Bill & Jim & Doug can NOT deny the FACT[S} & the Words they SAID in the 2008 Team Rainear VIDEO.

    The Freeholder that decided to summit Pocket Resolution 2010-764 was ?

    Did Lou Magazzu make this Decision to Include #764 to the Nov 24th Agenda at the last possible min?

    Opinions are like _ _ _ -_ _ _ _ and everyone has one.

    The REQUEST for the Additional Money is a FACT!

  13. new2cumberland says:

    So the request for the additional funds was approved and then Rainear, after public outcry ,retracted the request. It has still been forwarded to the State—did his portion get recinded? The impression I had was that it was still going forward…..

  14. whatever says:

    Reports have him definitely rescinding his raise, but Noto still accepting hers. $107k maybe not a huge salary in your world but obviously your screen name tells it all new2cumberland. $107k puts you in the very top salaries in this County. Only wished I and the overwhelming majority of Cumberland County residents lived in your world where that kind of money of $107k you don’t consider a huge salary. Lucky you is all I can say.

  15. new2cumberland says:

    The Noto issue is a non-starter. Republican or Democrat, not an issue, she never, ever made a campaign promise to accept less. I really am not too concerned about party affiliation.

    One of the disadvantages as well as the advantages of communicating this way is that it is sometimes hard to pick up some nuances that would otherwise be very evident in face to face interactions…..Whatever, about my opinion on the salary of 107k. Many of the leadership in this County make well inxs of that figure, D.Rainear of Strathmere residing in Cape May County rakes in @ 132k…he doesn’t even live here, but that’s ok, he’s a Rainear!!! ( BTW he is, I believe BFP, in Strathmere. )This leadership has failed to bring higher paying jobs to the County. It really wasn’t my intention to be dismissive about the dollar amount, and it was only my opinion, and I think I made that clear. as guess-who said, we all know what opinionsare like.

  16. whatever says:

    My point is, and was, VERY VERY few people in Cumberland make figures like Noto, and others, at $107k. Except I guess in your world where $107k, at least according to you, is “not a huge salary” Only wished we could all live in your world, but most of us in Cumberland County struggle to get by with far far less than $107k. Seems your argument or point has just become a personal issue, certainly your right and opinion, BUT like you say about opinions. Think well over 85%-90% of those living and working in Cumberland would agree that $107k IS a HUGE salary. Maybe when you live in Cumberland a little longer(going by your screen name) you will see what the majority of our residents face financially and better undertsand this fact. I an just glad for whatever reasons, Rainear rescinded his initial and unwise idea to collect the $107k and keep his promise. I accept his apology for almost doing the wrong thing. Now just hope Freeholders don’t waste away the $32k he is saving the County. Hoping anyway.

  17. Sgt. Friday says:

    I have followed the discussion on Rainear for sometime now. It raised my curiousity. I decided to talk to people who served in the various offices, the employees who have worked under his leadership, political associates, etc.
    The following is what I learned.

    Soon after he was elected to the Upper Deerfield committee, he beagn working his political connections to get appointed to the CCUA. this gave him a third taxpayer paycheck. The bloggers are correct.
    He also took all three health plans.In Upper Deerfield he later took payment in lieu of the benefits.
    When he became a freeholder, he had to resign from the CCUA. He pledged that he would not run again for township office, while a freeholder.
    He broke that promise two years later, and ran for committee again. He is the only person in anyone’s memory who was elected to the freeholder board that ran for municipal office while a freeholder in this county.
    During his tenure as a freeholder he railed against a salary increase for freeholders. During this same time, each year he voted himself a raise as a township commiteeman. No one was looking
    This allowed him to continue to collect three taxpayers salaries and three health plans.
    The issue was raised in his township reelection campaign that it was a conflict to hold both positions. Rainear committed to giving his township salary to the local fire companies & rescue squad.
    Upon his re-election he gave the companies $500 each the first year. Total $2,000 of a $12,000 slary. The following year he gave them each $200. from then on figureing the public had forgotten, he kept the entire salary.
    He qualified for his teachers pension and retired.
    The years holding two positions were qualifying him unber PERS for a second pension based on the years of service and and double salaries.
    He ran for surrogate while railing against the salary and pension abuse.( See his campaign literature).
    He anticpated eventually collcted the PERS pension based on the surrogte salary. This is where he made a mistake. Gov. Corzine hassigned legislation that made any elected offical that changed elected position to be out of the PERS pension. This made the PERS pension worth a quarter of what Rainear had planned on getting.
    He immediately filed to collect his PERS pension.
    As he had done before, after two years, rhe tried to take back his blood oath to serve for the lower salary.
    He simply tried to do what he had always done. Wait until he thought no one was looking and grab the taxpayers money.
    I encourage others to verify what I have found for themselves.

  18. fedup says:

    I found Sgt. Friday’s comments very interesting. I was reminded of something I heard, on more than one occassion, which was that while employed by the Bridgeton Board of Education at Bridgeton HS, Doug Rainear was often “missing in action”. This was told to me by someone who taught at the high school at the time. Another fellow employee confirmed this to me, while adding that his absences were due to Doug being out of the building, showing real estate to clients on school time. Can anyone else verify this?

    It would appear that Mr. Rainear was not a model school district employee, just as he is not a model surrogate. How can someone get away with taking a full time public salary and only putting in part time hours, especially in these economic times? He should be ashamed of himself. Once again, the taxpayers of Cumberland County take a hit from the Rainears.

  19. whatever says:

    Just more political BS!! Not based on any facts, unless you consider heresay as facts. Apparently the overwhelming number of voters disagreed with this BS on a number of occasions. My friends in Upper Deerfield think he is perhaps one of the best Mayors in Township history. I read that current Mayor Crilley sits on the CCUA. As does former Mayor Hill. Check it out. Facts not heresay. Just a bunch of political BS and spin from the haters. Merry Christmas.

  20. whatever says:

    Correction. I believe current Mayor Crilley use to sit on the CCUA while he was an Upper Deerfield Township Committeeman and that former Mayor Hill may have taken his seat. Either way seems both D’s and R’s do the same thing. In the end Rainear IS giving back approxiamtely $160,000.00 in salary for Surrogate. What other elected official has ever done this? Certainly not County Clerk Noto!! Or the former Surrogate Marchand! I as a taxpayer am just happy is decided for whatever reason to keep his promise. Just hope the Freeholders don’t waste the savings. Besides this is yesterday’s news. Bigger fish to fry with the Vet chapel issue.

  21. Iknow says:

    I remember the good old boys in high school. They would duck out to the Hillcrest for lunch. Whatever…. they didn’t get caught. Different time and different place. They used the system to thier advantage.

    Now IS a different time. One PENSION. That’s it! The political masturbation is over and you’re done! Stop milking the cow because she’s dry!

    And as a side note, how is Christina Reilly Clay making out with her women’s abuse support group?

  22. new2cumberland says:

    Iknow— would love to know the answer to that one!!! This is off thread and topic but I think her sister just sponsored some legislation @ election time for some tougher bail rates(not sure if this is the right term) and lease protection for domestic abuse victims, perfect opportunity for Ms. Clay to jump off, PR wise—but silence….

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