Freeholders are not on holiday break

Contrary to popular belief, Lou Magazzu’s freeholders are NOT on holiday break. This is bad news for Cumberland County residents.

A little birdie told me this today. The Freeholders plan to vote to revoke the resolution passed in the previous meeting giving a salary increase to Doug Rainear. Now we don;t have time or space to go into the delicacies of this proposal – it has been hashed and rehashed on this forum, just read back a few pages and you will find all you need to know.

The issue with this new resolution is that it includes the County Clerk in the resolution. The problem with the initial resolution is that it did NOT include the sheriff. All of these resolutions have been faulty from the ground up.

Fact, the constitutional officers’ salaries are set by state mandate. Period. The reason for the state mandate was to keep politics out of the equation. If you don’t like the salary range, the only proper and LEGAL recourse is to change the law. You don’t just blatantly violate the law because you personally happen to disagree with it.

That said, what is more disturbing is the news that the Freeholders are planning to release yet ANOTHER pocket resolution this Thursday. Huh? How can it be a pocket resolution when we have heard on Tuesday they are doing it? There is certainly MORE than enough time to make changes to the agenda and include the resolution on it.

We will be sitting back and watching what comes next.


8 Responses to Freeholders are not on holiday break

  1. Guess-Who says:

    2008 Team Rainear Video has the FACT[S] as They are Stubborn Things!

    Who was going to be “Walking the Walk & Talking the Walk”?

    Who made the REQUEST for the EXTRA CA$H of $32,500.00,
    This is the Money that was PROMISED for Property-Tax-Relief for Cumberland County Property Owner[s]?

    By doing so, IT created this SITUATION with Pocket Resolution #764, Reimbursement of $32,500.00 to the Surrogate & the Dec. 3, 2010 DATE/DEADLINE that the County had to meet for the State to DISPERSE these said Funds to the Proper RECIPIENT.

    Now they(Freeholders) want to RETRACT their ACTION on Pocket Resolution #764.

    The Veterans Chapel is another Resolution that will be on the Agenda for Dec 23rd 2010 along with some other ISSUES that will have to be Addressed by these LAME-DUCK Freeholders…Interesting to say the least, right before the Christmas Holiday is WHAT this Meeting will entail.

    Some seem to THINK that all is QUITE with # 764 & that saying I’m SORRY makes it all better for the REQUEST of $32,500.00.

    Sorry for THIS and SORRY for THAT-is this happening because of the “widow maker” Health Problem of the Surrogate or because of the 2008 Team Rainear Video?

    “The Money ain’t Bad” is another Quote from the 2008 Team Rainear Video

    Know who said IT?
    I do!

    2011 a CHANGE is Coming this County of Cumberland, NJ has NEEDED fore a LONG LONG LONG TIME.

    CHECKS and BALANCE make the County a Better Place

  2. whatever says:

    Geez, Guess-Who aka Remi from the DJ? enough with the capitalization. Same old capitalization and same old song. Try a new tune for everyone’s sake. Just more political BS and spin from the R camp. I for one am just happy the guy kept his promise in the end and saved the taxpayers of the County $160,000 according to your figures over 5 years. Whatever reason or reasons he decided to keep his promise, I don’t particularly care. More than any other elected official has ever given back in this County. Certainly more then County Clerk Noto who sued for more money at one time. Just hope the Freeholders don’t waste the money on one of their pet projects.

  3. Guess-Who says:

    “I for one am just happy the guy kept his promise”

    Thanks for the early morning LAUGH!

    Surrogate Rainear did NOT keep his Promise as he REQUESTED the ADDITIONAL $32,500.00, This Fact is a Stubborn Thing!

    The Video from 2008 is TELLING & filled with FACTS that Jane & Bill & Jim & Doug can NOT squirm from.

    [INDEPENDENT] THINKING as this is NOT a R nor a D that is holding these Elected Officials in Cumberland County ACCOUNTABLE for their ACTIONS!

    When will Surrogate Rainear take a few QUESTIONS that the Public has for him to ANSWER pertaining to Pocket Resolution #764?

    Then there is the “Letter” that was Published in different Newspapers!?!
    That has also raised more Questions than Answers, This Fact is a Stubborn Thing!

    whatever, are U saying that a New Tune is needed for the viewing Audience here at Magazzuwatch?
    I will L{.}{.}K for a Song so everyone can ENJOY the Season(Lame-Duck).

  4. Guess-Who says:

    This is WORTH the Listen:

  5. whatever says:

    Get a life Guess-Who. Same old political BS and Spin to further your own politcal agenda and preferences. In case you haven’t heard a request and the actual act of taking are two entirely different things. In the end Rainear did NOT (my apologies for the caps, but thought that maybe tha is the ONLY way you can understand) did NOT take the request. As a taxpayer, I really don’t care about his reasons for not taking the extra money. All I really care about is that he is saving the taxpayers $160,000 over 5 years. This Fact is a Stubborn Thing!! Bottom line for me and most sensible people. Waiting for some other elected official, like County Clerk Noto to do the same thing. Won’t hold my breath waiting. Please quit your incessant use of caps throughout your manifestos. Seems even the DJ forums have taken poor Remi to task lately??? Last I have to say upon this very old news.

  6. Guess-Who says:

    “the actual act” = Resolution Number 2010-764, & the VOTE[S] by these CC Freeholders in the Affirmative & the Keeping/Giving Company to the NO VOTE of Freeholder Sheppard by Lou Magazzu-his WORDS;
    This Fact is a Stubborn Thing!

    Can U explain WHY the Freeholders received pocket resolution 2010-764 at the Nov. 24th 2010-Last Min.?

    (The REQUEST made by Mr. Rainear for the ADDITIONAL $32,500.00 is the REASON this was PLACED on the Freeholder Agenda?)

    What NOW; with the State of NJ & Resolution 2010-764?

    The Paperwork was/has been SUBMITTED to Trenton, as the Dec 3rd Deadline was MENTIONED at the Nov 24th Freeholder Meeting as the REASON.

    WHERE is the $32,500.00 going to be KEPT?
    In the County General Fund?

    Is IT going to go to its INTENDED or PROMISED purpose of Property-Tax-Relief for Cumberland County.

    Maybe the PROOF of WHERE this Money from Resolution 2010-764 is being APPLIED will be AVAILABLE for All the Citizens to VIEW online!?!

    Can U see too IT that the $ [$32,500] is put in the RIGHT Account?
    Many Thanks in ADVANCE

  7. whatever says:

    First, I am still thankful Rainear is keeping his original promise and NOT taking the $32,500, even though it was reimbursable from the State to the County. Don’t care about his reasons quite frankly just glad he did the right thing in the end. I doubt the County received any of that money this fast, but if they did I would think they would have to return it. If they do receive it hopefully they will hold up their end of the bargain and apply it to saving the taxpayers a few dollars as they said they would. My guess is that the money will stay at the State level for one of Trenton’ wasteful projects. Guess you, Guess-Who will have to attend a Freeholder meeting to ask that question to the infamous Magazzu. Merry Christmas

  8. DeepThroat says:

    Whatever aka Douglas Rainear conveniently skips over the THREE taxpayer funded health plans he took . Luckily, Gov.Christie made that little trick illegal. He also held two elected offices that Gov. Corzine had to make illegal. Quite frankly

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