Freeholders set to break state law tonight

I just received this press release from the Cumberland County Regular Republican Organization:

Republican Chairman says Freeholders Whelan, Jannarone and Dunkins should resign for placing Cumberland County in this mess

MILLVILLE – “Look out Cumberland County. The promise breaking Freeholders are at it again,” Cumberland County Regular Republican Organization Chairman Bob Greco said.

Last month, under the cover of darkness, in a last minute addition to the Freeholder meeting agenda, the board voted 5 – 2 in favor of a promise breaking salary increase to Surrogate Doug Rainear. On tonight’s agenda is a resolution reversing the promise breaking salary increase passed last month.

“If nothing else these people have guts,” Greco said. “Last month they voted to break a promise and give a raise they aggressively campaigned against. Now they are going to introduce a resolution to reverse that raise in direct violation of state law.”

“It’s one thing to break a promise,” Greco added. It’s an entirely different thing to knowingly place a resolution on the agenda in direct violation of state law. The sponsor of this resolution should hang their head in shame when it comes up.”

“Freeholders Whelan, Jannarone and Dunkins should submit their resignations at tonight’s meeting for placing the citizens of Cumberland County in this mess,” Greco said.


2 Responses to Freeholders set to break state law tonight

  1. new2cumberland says:

    I apologize if I missed the explaination–what law are they breaking by rescinding Rainear’s increase. If I remember his letter of explaination/apology he stated more than once that he was legally entitled to this $$$ amount. Why is it now illegal?

  2. Calhoun says:

    I think the angle the Rs are taking is that the freeholders tonight set his salary back to $75 — the reduced amount he said he would take when he was running, and that this is illegal because state law sets it at a higher amount ($107K). I follow the Rs’ line of thinking here but don’t agree with it. Furthermore, even if they are correct, where is the political advantage in advocating for a higher salary for a political officer? At this point, their angle is tortured and they would do well to drop it. The political advantage for the Rs developed when Rainear reneged on his pledge; once he unreneged, the advantage pretty much went away (at least long term). The Rs’ time would be better spent figuring out what to do with Noto and her 107K salary. Now that the Rainear issue has apparently gone away, Lou will again beat the Rs on this, if they don’t come out in support of reform of the salary for the row (constitutional) officers.

    Speaking of Lou, he took the first step tonight in a phase out of politics by resigning as freeholder director, although he said he would remain on the board and serve out the balance of his term. The reason he gave for stepping down was the increased time commitments to his energy consulting business. (Jason Laday over at CN has an article up already.) Sweeney showed up (very briefly) to pay tribute to Lou’s services. I think we still need to watch Magazzu at Magazzu Watch, but we will no longer be doing it with him as freeholder director. Progress (as some say in Millville).

    The freeholders, as expected, approved the chapel project. Lou showed combat footage from Omaha Beach (France) of the Normandy Invasion in WWII in 1944 to defend the chapel. I was also told that some became upset at Lou’s tactics, with one woman walking out in protest.

    A full report later when I review the tape. However, I may take the liberty, if true, of not reporting on Nancy Ridgeway’s display of her pink lingerie. She apparently made some sort of bad pun on the pink slip the employees were getting and her “pink slip,” which she brought to the meeting. I can only hope she wasn’t wearing it, and, if she was, I hope Quinnie has the good sense to pixelate that out before it airs on Monday on QBC. If he needs freeholder approval, I am sure that that vote will be 7-0 to pixelate.

    Helluva way to go out as director Lou, an old lady and her pink nightie. No visions for Lou this Christmas Eve of sugar plum fairies dancing in his head. Instead he gets blue-haired Nancy in her nightie. Nighty night Lou.

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