The Future is Now Survey

The county has a survey on the website – they want your opinion. No, really! I provided a link to the survey page, as the link to the survey on the county website is confusing and unclear. Take the time, and express your opinion, not that Lou isn’t going to do what he is going to do anyway…


2 Responses to The Future is Now Survey

  1. mango says:

    This survey includes open-ended questions about the most postitive (opportunities) and negative (challenges) things impacting the county. It affords those of us who feel that the biggest challenge is the Magazzu-dominated political machine and its associated corruption (cronyism, pay to play, stifling citizen voices, etc.) an opportunity to express our opinion on this issue. It would be interesting if enough people highlight Magazzu as the county’s biggest threat/challenge!

  2. ?????? says:

    Where it asks where you get your information at the end of the survey, I put Magazzu Watch.
    Maybe we all should.

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