DJ blasts Magazzu/Jannarone for their Greed

There is an excellent editorial in the Daily Journal this morning. They blast Lou Magazzu and Jane Jannarone for their greed in refusing to immediately relinquish their tax-payer funded health benefits.

About one in five residents of Cumberland County under age 65 don’t have health insurance. Freeholders Louis Magazzu and Jane Jannarone, who represent all of those uninsured people, aren’t among them.

Thanks to your taxes, Magazzu and Jannarone have health insurance coverage. At a time when Magazzu has been championing the need to cut all unnecessary spending at the county level because of a severe county fiscal crisis, he and Jannarone have refused to do their part by giving up the health care benefits that county residents are financing through their hard-earned tax dollars.


3 Responses to DJ blasts Magazzu/Jannarone for their Greed

  1. whatever says:

    Magottzu without health benefits? Not going to happen. This guy is just sooo unbelievable. When is he ever going to just leave Cumberland County or better yet New Jersey? Even in his departure he can’t help his out of control ego and had to tell anyone who would listen how much he has done for the County. Republicans hate him and Democrats are embarrased by him!! Directorship taken away by the Dems and can the County Chair be far behind? What a joke!!!

  2. ?????? says:

    The Wall Of Shame. No one more deserving than Magazzu. Kudos to the Journal.

  3. whatever says:

    Word on street is Magazzu is DONE!! Hopefully he is leaving the County soon. He has done his damage to all of the residents of the County. He is an ego maniac liar who has been out of control for a long time. You know what they say about karma. No tears will be shed at his departure other than tears of happiness. Democrats will be even happier than most Republicans to see his demise as their so called leader.

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