Jane Jannarone Crashing and Burning?

Judging from her opinion piece in today’s Cumberland News, it appears as if Jane Jannarone is crashing and burning, and trying to take down her political foes on her way out.

She once again has become a champion of victims of domestic violence, but uses good newspaper space to mainly go after Republican County Chairman Greco and his supporters.   Now if she really cared about domestic violence, why not take the opportunity to educate readers about its prevalence in the county, resources for victims, etc? 

What she claims is not a political rant is clearly a political rant.  The lady does indeed protest too much.

But why, at this time, does Jane’s head pop above ground like some wakening groundhog?  It is beyond belief that she is electable.  My take is that she knows she is on her way out, and is dishing out some political payback, perhaps at the behest of her mentor, Lou Magazzu. 

On the other hand, one might argue that she is delusional, and believes posing as the county’s Angel of Domestic Violence will make her electable.   She may figure that if voters were stupid enough to elect her once, they may be stupid enough not to see that she is using the domestic violence issue for political ends.

On the third hand — and there are always alternative explanations — perhaps she is more personally involved in the domestic violence issue than we credit.  As I understand it, Jane, the consummate mudslinger (after Lou), could have a great deal of mud slung back if her personal circumstances were made a matter of public speculation.  But it seems as if the Republicans have been  too civil to fire back.

11 Responses to Jane Jannarone Crashing and Burning?

  1. Who knew? says:

    Did Jane really write that piece of slanted garbage, or is she penning her name to someone else’s spin?

  2. Hang 'em High says:

    Who knew?,

    We will probably never know the answer to your question. The News almost NEVER checks the validity of the letters they are sent (UNLESS the letter is from someone who they disagree with)

    One Who KNOWS

  3. Deep Throat says:

    Facinating to wach Jannarone continue to do Magazzu’s biddding. He wants to destroy Greco because he cannot control him. He always went to Pepper and got what he wanted. Jannarone is expendable Magazzu will throw her away to get Greco. She is burning up what little political capitol she has to benefit Magazzu. She cannot win by running against someone who is not on the ballot. She learned nothing from last year.
    But , she also has learned nothing in over 2 years on the freeholder board. She is the most embarrasing freeholder in memory.

  4. Calhoun says:

    Jannarone asks why Greco is still GOP chair. However, her letter raises a lot of other questions. Most notably where is Christina Clay and her organization that the County Ds used in their attack ads last year? The Greco situation and the recent closing of the women’s shelter should have been excellent instances where her and her group could have played a role. Yet, not a peep. Why haven’t the press followed up on this situation? Does the group really exist? I gave her the benefit of the doubt last year. However, one has to wonder why such a group, if legit, would take such a high profile role in a political campaign yet be off the radar when it’s not campaign season.

    No doubt there is a fissure in the CCDO, with Whelan and his supporters on one side of the fault line and Lou and Jane (and a few other holdovers) on the other side. Whelan is trying to work with the Rs, and blatant political attacks like this do not help. Sooner or later, Whelan is going to have to accept that he can’t be all things to all people. Either he supports Jannarone and Magazzu and their tactics or he doesn’t.

    Having said all of this there is a kernel of truth in the letter in that Greco is a bit of a problem. One’s past shouldn’t prevent one from moving on in life and making a living, but actions should have consequences and I am not sure I want someone who has pleaded guilty to such charges playing a big (albeit behind the scenes) role in picking judges and prosecutors.

    Also, I have written critically here before about all the campaign contributions Gary Wodlinger (and his firm) made prior to his being appointed to a judgeship. I would be disappointed if the same pattern continued with the Rs. I don’t know who the Rs are considering for judicial nominees but I do know who the attorneys are who have made large contributions to the Rs. One name stands out: James R. Swift, an attorney in Millville. According to reports filed with ELEC, Mr. Swift contributed $11,152 to the Cumberland County Regular Republican Organization. I have hope that he gave out of the goodness of his heart and a strong desire to clean this county up. However, were he appointed to a judgeship on the heels of these large contributions, I would lose all hope.

  5. Uol Uzzagam says:

    What we need are poor lawyers to be appointed. But how do we know who is poor and who is just pretending? The system requires donations to parties. It stinks but to deny the system is to languish in obscurity. People are rarely ‘discovered’. Getting back to the poor lawyer issue, what guarantee would we have that a poor lawyer would make good decisions from the bench? What if the lawyer was poor because he/she wasn’t particularly good at the business or just didn’t work very hard? Let’s use the system but vet the candidates for their ability. Anyone know how that can happen? Me neither.

  6. Moo Lagazzu says:

    Swift is Millville’s city leader…the contributions are hardly surprising.

  7. mango says:

    Wodligner did not become a judge so much for his monetary contributions (which undoubtedly did not hurt), but more so because he is a long time “best friend” of Lou. The whole subject of who become judges — perhaps the most elevated position in the community — is fascinating. We are required to show respect to judges, and we instinctively want to do so. We want to believe in their wisdom and incorruptability. But certainly there are some who are not deserving of such regard. In our county Superior Court, we have gems such as Julio Mendez — rated as second best judge in the vicinage by attorneys responding to the New Jersey Law Journal’s 2009 judicial survey. We also have judges such as Darrell Fineman, who ranked at the bottom. How people with such different capacities end up on the bench, I do not know.

  8. Uol Uzzagam says:

    I think Wodlinger will be a fine judge despite the way he got there. Let’s not overlook the job a person does just because we don’t like their friends.

  9. Calhoun says:

    Mango asks how people of varying capacities such as Fineman and Mendez end up on the bench. Call me cynical, but I say it ultimately comes down to the money. Fineman gave $3,500 to the CCRRO from 2001-2005 and Mendez gave $6,000 to the CCDO from 1998-2002. Not much dough by today’s standards but pretty good scratch back then.

    Mango notes that Wodlinger’s being close friends with Lou also helped. True, but we have to ask how did Gary become Lou’s close ally (he was the Mini Me to Lou’s Austin Powers). All I can say is that whoever said money can’t buy friendships never followed politicians and their cronies.

    Back to Swift. According to ELEC, Swift gave $0 to CCRRO in 2008 (Corzine was guv then). In 2009, when Christie was running and the Rs positioned to make gains in the freeholder board, he gave $6,150. In 2010, with the Rs poised to make more gains on the freeholder board, thus putting them within striking distance of reaching a majority (and thus able to give plum positions to Rs, like the county counsel position) and Christie now governor (and in a position to appoint Rs to the bench), Swift gave 11,000+ to the CCRRO.

    Based on these data the following formula appears valid: Contributions to county party organization + serious bootlicking of the party chair = plum political appointment (like county counsel) and/or nomination to the bench.

    The Rs are now making the judicial appointments through Christie, and after November may well being making the local appointments in Cumberland County. Thus, we will see if my cyncial formula is bipartisan.

  10. mango says:

    Calhoun, I have no doubt the party in power is going to appoint loyalists to available positions. If that is cynical, I share your cynicism. At times, I guess, politicians rise above partisan politics and appoint the best person for the job. I think that Obama is doing this. But locally, patronage is the reality. What bothers me is that even where patronage is practiced, surely there must be some selection possible in terms of competence. It really does get ugly when political parties place incompetents in positions that directly impact peoples’ lives. Thinking about it some more, maybe it’s not lack of competence that bothers me as much as lack of honor. For instance, the judge whose decisions are influenced by pressure from his or her political allies. Now that is truly ugly.

    Back to Jannarone — I thought Greco’s response in today’s paper was excellent. He really makes Jannarone look like the fool (or patsy) that she is.

  11. Calhoun says:

    Mango, I share your views on Greco’s reply. Cynicism aside, I try to keep an open mind and am willing to shift my position. Mr. Greco’s letter has led me to do just that. Previously, I stated I was unsure of his serving as chair. However, his eloquent letter has changed my mind.

    He has been before the judge and paid his penalty. I am a Cumberland County D and my party’s chair — Magazzu — is the true disgrace even if he hasn’t been arrested.

    While I, like pretty much everyone, do not condone actual violence or even threats of such, I do recognize, like Mayor LaGuardia, that politics ain’t beanbag. Cumberland Co. has been Magazzu’s sandbox for a long time, and he relished in kicking sand in the faces of those who challenged him. Greco had the guts to get in that sandbox and kick sand back.

    Under Greco, the Rs have made significant gains, and this year they pretty much handed Lou his ass on a platter. As long as Magazzu is around, I want Greco around to keep the ass whoopings coming. Larry Pepper was a pushover that Lou rolled right over.

    We need Greco in the sandbox. With a little help, maybe Greco can finally cover Lou up with sand. An appropriate fate for a turd.

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