Greco responds

Bob Greco responded to Jane Jannarone’s dopey, and in one instance slanderous letter to the editor. By the way, there is no way Jane penned that letter. There were too many three syllable words.

To the Editor:

In response to Freeholder Jane Jannarone’s editorial concerning my position as chairman of the Cumberland County Republican Organization (The News, Feb. 9, “Why is Greco still GOP chair?”), I must question her continued focus upon my personal life.

At issue is an incident that occurred over seven years ago during an ongoing emotional divorce. At that time, I said some things to my wife that I should not have said. It was a very regrettable incident, and I took responsibility for it. There was no physical abuse, nor did any of the incidents occur in front of my children, as alluded to by Ms. Jannarone.

Most importantly, my ex-wife and I have moved forward from that date, and we continue to have a very amicable relationship that focuses of the raising of our children and grandchildren. I have apologized and made amends to my ex-wife, and she has forgiven me. The incident was over long ago, and Ms. Jannarone’s continued focus on it does nothing but do harm to my ex-wife, current wife, children, grandchildren, and it shows how little Ms. Jannarone truly knows or cares about domestic violence if she would continue to victimize these innocent people.

Additionally, our county has been the beneficiary of the work of the Cumberland County Women’s Center — the main provider of domestic violence services within our county for over 25 years. According to the public comments made by its executive director, Ms. Jannarone rarely supported or even attended any of their functions or meetings in spite of their request that she do so.

In my role as chairman of the Cumberland County Republican Organization, my main duty is to get qualified public servants elected to county government posts. I have been successful in that function having had re-elected Gloria Noto as county clerk, and Tom Sheppard, Carl Kirstein and Sam Fiocchi elected as county freeholders. The dedication and commitment of these fine and hard-working individuals cannot be questioned. As Ms. Jannarone faces re-election this year, maybe she would rather see someone else with less success in this important role.

As to my role in the appointment of judges within our county, I only provide the governor’s office the names of deserving and qualified members of our party. This is done after consultation with our party leaders and others who may have knowledge of a potential candidate’s qualifications. These candidates are then screened by the governor’s office, the bar association and the Senate Judiciary Committee. They are nominated by the governor and approved by our state senators and the entire state Senate. I do not take my small role in the process lightly, and I am proud of the qualifications and character of those I advance. However, should I somehow choose a “bad apple,” the thorough vetting process will most assuredly weed that person out.

Lastly, I question Ms. Jannarone’s focus. Our county is facing a $10 million budget shortfall. There are serious consequences to the poor fiscal shape our county is in. There is talk or laying off 50-plus employees after the 30-plus employees who were laid off last year. There is discussion of shutting down the Cumberland Manor. There is the potential of raising county taxes.

These are the issues Ms. Jannarone should be focusing on. Ms. Jannarone needs to explain why she may vote to lay off maybe 100 workers during her term while voting to build a chapel, a new prosecutor’s office and be one of only two freeholders who still accept health insurance for her part-time job. These are the important issues to the taxpaying residents of our county. I suggest that she focus more on the job she was elected to do — at least until this November.

Robert Greco
Cumberland County Regular Republican Organization


4 Responses to Greco responds

  1. CapitolCockroach says:

    Just thought you should know that its not slanderous. Slander is spoken, libel is in print.

  2. WuLi says:

    My goof! The statement is libelous. It is in fact an outright lie, as Norm Frankel and Doug Rainear can very well attest. It is amazing that one lone person can attract the attention of the highest public officials in the county. If they were only honest and upright, they would have nothing to worry about.

    I find it amusing.

  3. Hang 'em High says:

    Greco’s response was right on target. If JJ’s letter had been directed at me, I most likely would have responded with a 4 letter word followed by You, Jane.

  4. Dan says:

    Mr. Greco’s response was contrite and reserved. I applaud him for being able to write a response where he totally stays on point and doesn’t stoop to Jannarone’s nasty level. I believe I even read where he has gone to the Women’s Shelter in the past to see if he could be of any assistance. What has Jannarone done for the shelter? Or TO the shelter!

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