Where is Jannarone’s outrage now?

Jane Jannarone wrote a scathing letter to the editor, venting her outrage about a person who is not an elected or public official, about an event that occurred and was resolved years ago. She just can’t let this go, despite the fact that it cost her party the election last year.

She claims to be a proponent of battered womens right. But she is quiet when a real issue hits the news. Today’s Daily Journal informs us that the Cumberland County Woman’s Shelter is closed.

Former employees of the Cumberland County Women’s Shelter plan to work on a volunteer basis with a women’s discussion group that meets here once a week.

Stenell Greene-Myers, who was the shelter’s supervisor when it closed Jan. 27, said this week staff felt badly that the unexpected closing left clients with no assistance.

If you recall, Jane misappropriated the Women’s Shelter for her ill-advised and scandalous press conference that commenced an ugly and inexcusable campaign of filth, rumors and even some outright lies.

But the former employees of the shelter have proven that they care more about battered women then Jannarone ever did – they are volunteering to continue the good works of the shelter. And Jane is nowhere to be heard. Shame on you, Jane.


8 Responses to Where is Jannarone’s outrage now?

  1. new2cumberland says:

    If I read correctly, Ms. Jannarone’s letter make’s no mention at all of the shelter closing. She does, however, state that she is going to be working very hard for an organization that was just formed last fall. Could this be the Organization that C. Clay founded? How interesting that the shelter closes and this brand new organization is brought to the fore–an organization headed by the sister of the current assemblywoman to the 3rd and the former freeholder J.Riley D.O. ???

  2. mango says:

    Sad to say my thoughts ran in the same cynical direction when I read, “The state named the Gloucester County Center for Family Services as the interim shelter ‘provider.’ An announcement is expected this week on a permanent provider.”

    In the human services industry, significant sums of money are often at stake. I have seen agencies defunded so that the operating funds could be given to a new entity with better connections to the powers that be.

    So I’m wondering what the real story is behind the center’s closing. Is it a Christie funding cutback, or is some deal in the works to create a new agency with salaries going to lackeys who will see that Jannarone and Riley get wonderful press for all they are doing to help victims of domestic violence?

    Maybe I’m getting too old and paranoid, but nothing surprises me anymore. What a great splash a “new” agency would make, especially right before election time. It might even be part of the Al Kelly empire. I hope this is not what this is about. I would hate to say “I told you so” on this one.

  3. new2cumberland says:

    Aren’t both Ms.Jannarone & the Assemblywoman in re-election this Nov.? I thought I’d heard that the Assembly goes for re-election this fall on NJN–Cynical— I don’t think so…if this was a sit-com the timing would be considered genius….or like a good con,every move every counter moved planned and rehearsed. And like you I suspect that Kelly/tri-county( or his new euphemism “local non-profit”) will be the next player introduced to the taxpaying mark. I mean how can you be against helping victims of domestic violence—anything that is said against this will be branded as insensitive and callous to the needs of these victims. It really does make you feel cynical.

  4. Who knew? says:

    Here’s a proposed wrinkle to think about: If the powers that be move the districts, and there’s a good possibility that Bridgeton will be moved to the First District, what is the Third Dist. Assemblywoman going to do? She lives in Bridgeton. Of course she could always move to Salem. Magazzu then loses another County ally.

  5. new2cumberland says:

    Very Interesting Who knew?. Could that happen? Wouldn’t the Assemblywomen just run in the first? And is she really that tight with Maguzzu? I don’t know, she is out of the 3rd w/ the Senate President. Very, very interesting point/situation.

  6. new2cumberland says:

    I know that her brother, J. Riley D.O. ran with Magazzu & her father is tight with him but I don’t remember seeing/hearing her a lot around Magazzu. Or is it more a background thingwith her seeing she is Assembly & he is freeholder board? I get the impression she is one of his supporters, yet I really don’t see her out there with him. maybe I’m not looking in the right area’s.

  7. When Jane ran for office she told all the residents of Cumberland County that she knew how to voulenteer. I have yet herd her of doing so nor have I herd of her organizing any voulenteering programs. Shame on any one who breaks there promises.

  8. Uol Uzzagam says:

    Alex, that would be HEARD not HERD unless you mean to say that Jane was supposed to herd people like cattle and she was volunteering to herd them. Or maybe Jane heard others talking about herding and was volunteering to help. We need to get this straight.

    PS: Their, There, well that’s another story…

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