Jannarone is clueless?

My good friend Steve Kush could not maintain silence after reading the trite and irrational diatribe by one Jane Jannarone.

To the Editor:

Regarding the letter to the editor penned by Freeholder Jannarone, I have a simple one-word question: Seriously?

I cannot understand how you could allow such trash to appear in the paper.

Before I continue I do owe, by way of background to readers, that I have worked with the Cumberland County Republicans in the past. In fact, I was the architect of “NACO-gate.” Some, at the time, thought it was excessive to harp on the issue the way we did, but that was an issue, not a personal attack against a person not even seeking elective office. As a political professional working elections across the country, I tend to keep things to issues.

In fact, had I believed personal attacks had a place in politics I would have recommended the Republicans attack Ms. Jannarone personally. Fortunately, for her, the Cumberland County Republicans are ethical and believe as I do — personal attacks have no place in politics. I imagine if they practiced politics the way Ms. Jannarone and her friends do, the walls of her glass house would have shattered long ago.

The fact is, political professionals across the country, contrary to popular opinion, do not attack personally and politicians only attack personally when they are hiding from something or are scared of losing the office they hold. Ms. Jannarone, with her letter and continued attacks on Mr. Greco, is practicing classic political deflection. In this particular instance she is attempting to take the media’s focus off her refusal to stop receiving the very benefits she voted to take away from elected officials and appointed officials.

Jannarone’s continued vicious attacks on Greco also help her hide from the fact local media has reported more than 100 county employees may be laid off. Classic deflection!
Not only is Jannarone’s letter designed to hide from negative press she’s received, it is hurtful. It hurts innocent people, specifically Greco’s current wife, children and grandchildren. I wonder how Ms. Jannarone sleeps at night knowing she has caused others pain?

Her letter also serves another purpose — making it difficult for the loyal opposition to her political party to field quality candidates in a year she is up for re-election. Unfortunately, by permitting that letter to run you may have helped her do exactly that.

It is my sincere hope that Ms. Jannarone publicly apologizes to the people she has hurt and comes clean about her own personal problems before someone airs them out in the public.

Steve Kush
Mt. Ephraim

Steve fails to mention Jane’s libelous statements concerning one Carl Johnson (me) with blatant, outright lies as to my current situation. But then, like Lou Magazzu, truth always takes a back seat to political spin.

(I wonder what kind of knife it was…)


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