Pizzo pipes up

Laura Pizzo adds her take on Jane Jannarone’s recent stupidity:

To the Editor:

I would like to comment on the continuous attempts at creating diversions by Freeholder Jane Jannarone.

Freeholder Jannarone would like the residents of Cumberland County to focus on others and their past personal mistakes as opposed to looking at her performance as a Cumberland County freeholder.

I have read over and over accusations made by Ms. Jannarone about others, yet she fails to mention her own achievements in her job as a public official.

This continual attempt to sidestep any personal responsibility on her part is making me wonder what she has done in her role as freeholder. Has she helped the people of Cumberland County?

Personally, I am sick of reading about Ms. Jannarone’s views on others and would rather hear her discuss her goals as our freeholder and her action plan to meet these goals.
Perhaps, she has no goals and no action plan and that is why her only course of action is to attack others in an attempt to hide her own inabilities.

Perhaps she cannot meet the demands of her current position as a county freeholder and is trying to hide behind partisan rhetoric.

Regardless, I would like to ask Freeholder Jannarone, what are your priorities when it comes to helping the residents of Cumberland County?

Is it possible that you could refrain from your attacks on others and focus your attention on how you plan to successfully perform in the duties of public office and help the residents of Cumberland County?

Help us understand why it is you were voted into office.

Laura Pizzo
Deerfield Twp.


10 Responses to Pizzo pipes up

  1. Deep Throat says:

    Could this mean she is thinking about a comeback?
    That would complete the Republican ticket.
    If rumors are right, it will be an All Star slate.
    Magazzu could be very lonely in 2012.

  2. WuLi says:

    I know two of the three slots are tentatively penciled in – and with stellar candidates! With Laura – Lou’s kids don’t have a chance!

    Their track record to date is deplorable, with Jane doing everything possible to derail their chances of being taken seriously.

    I hear Dunkins doesn’t want to run, so if he is on the slate, he would be going into halfheartedly. Whelan is the only one that has any credibility, which he loses by standing by quietly as Jane self-destructs.

    Put on your tinfoil hat now – what if Jane is purposely sabotaging the D’s under Lou’s direction?

    Maybe Lou wants the R’s to be in control during what will be some of the most difficult years ahead. The damage done by over a decade of Lou’s machinations have left the county in a perilous condition – and the party in control when the stuff hits the fan is the party that takes the blame, regardless of whose mismanagement caused the problems in the first place.

  3. Uol Uzzagam says:

    Wuli gets it. Only Jane is in the dark. She still thinks she is viable. The “nice try” speech from Lou is already written.

  4. Calhoun says:

    Wait a minute! Isn’t this the same Laura Pizzo that came running to Doug Rainear’s defense?! (See MW 15 December post.) Wasn’t this described here as idiocy? How can you guys support her? I suspect the Rainear camp and the Magazzu camp have parted ways. Nonetheless, Pizzo is a Rainear sympathizer, R or not, and, while I am not a believer in litmus tests, I find it hard how anyone could support Pizzo given her support of Rainear (if not his action to receive the pay raise).

    Back in 1998, Lou Magazzu had the crazy idea of putting carpeting in the county jail (No fooling he really did!) Then Freeholder Laura Pizzo criticized the idea with this equally crazy comment, “It is very unsanitary. People seem to have the desire to urinate on it.”

    No we don’t need the tag team of Pizzo and Magazzu back on the board, so we can have dialogue about carpeting in the jail and inmates peeing on it.

    Also, if one of the other candidate’s surname is Freitag than count me out again. We already had Harry Freitag Jr. as Surrogate for twenty years (1983-2003). His relentless lobbying in Trenton resulted in huge salaries for our row officers (Surrogate, Clerk, Sheriff). Of course Lou exploited this, but if it weren’t for Freitag there would have been nothing there to exploit.

    I, a D, this year voted for all Rs locally. I suspect it was because of people like me in the County, a strong D county, that the Rs won. However, if their idea of a dream ticket includes Pizzo and a Freitag than I suspect many of us may fall back to our D voting ways (except Jannarone). The Rs should be reaching out to expand their base and address the serious demographic shifts in the County. I am not sure they are. Remember in an election where Magazzu and Jannarone are yesterday’s news, the Rs electoral map in the County gets a lot more challenging.

  5. Deep Throat says:

    You are correct Calhoun. Pizzo supported Rainear because he interceded in a personnel matter that benefited Pizzo. It was a matter that the freeholders had no business being involved in.That never stopped Magazzu & Rainear. Also spot on about Freitag. Freitag & Rainear were long time fishing buddies. Rainear liked using Freitag’s bigger boat and fuel to fish. It is where Rainear began his plans to get the surrogate job. Pure self interest by all.

  6. Guess-Who says:

    These 2 r past their prime with the Majority of Voters, they r NOT & will NOT b able 2 b Elected in Cumberland County,NJ.

    The Independents of CC & NJ have the MAJORITY, They have the ABILITY 2 Decide WHO will fill these Positions come Nov 2011.
    This is a simple Fact that the D’s & R’s both Know.

    The Rhetoric that is USED 2 gain Votes is a THING of the Past.

    21st Century Technology will PROVE 2 b of Gr8 Value/Benefit 2 All of the Citizens in Cumberland County.

    L{.}{.}K 4 some NEW FACES 2 become a FACTOR in the Upcoming Election.

    The County has a Reported Deficit of $100,000,000.00+ Overall.
    The $11 Million Dollar Budget Deficit this yr present situations that these Elected Officials REFUSE 2 ADDRESS.

    The Ideas they(Freeholder[s]) have put 4th the past Decade has put the County in this Fiscal Condition, that NOW is REDUCING Our Overall Bond Rating.

    They have REAL NO IDEAS nor have they Had any 2 Advance Our Communities into the 21st Century.

    The ones that WANTED all of these Prisons 4 the so-called Jobs, yet they NEVER considered the LONG TERM EFFECT on Cumberland County as a WHOLE.

    Yes there r some JOBS in these Facilities but then there is this FACT, it has C0$T the TAX-PAYER[S]the ABILITY 2 b Communities that ATTRACT Industries with Jobs.

    U know the 1’s that Pay Cost of Living Wages that are NEEDED in this County.

    Checks and Balance make the County a Better Place

  7. mango says:

    Hmmm..Calhoun has been a reliable reporter on this blog, so I will take his word on Pizzo. Like him, I’m a Democrat who voted Republican locally in the last election. But the Republicans should not take Democrats willing to vote for them for granted in the next election. I won’t vote for Jannarone either, but Pizzo sounds like a dubious character…more of the same. I suppose the Republicans would like to run a woman, but can’t they come up with someone new?

  8. Calhoun says:

    My post is backed up by the letter Pizzo wrote last December (discussed on MW) and a 1998 newspaper article that reports on the carpet issue. I don’t know Pizzo, but I just don’t see how someone who goes out of her way to defend Rainear should be viewed as a viable candidate — D or R. Deep Throat, as always, does a great job filling in the blanks and shows how these “politcal opponents” are in it together for all the wrong reasons. Bipartisanship is a double-edged sword — it’s great when it is used to do the people’s business, but it is terrible when it is used to simply benefit those from both parties. However, since Pizzo is not an announced candidate we’re getting ahead ourselves on this.

    I do have a complaint about an announced candidate for the 2011 elections — our newly-elected R freeholder Sam Fiocchi. I understand he is now running for State Assembly. Gee, Sam don’t you like being a freeholder? Is it too much to ask you to at least serve a year or so (maybe one complete three year term?) before you set your eyes on a higher prize? Is it too much to ask of you to focus only on the freeholder job in these terrible times and not be distracted by running a campaign for state assembly? Apparently it is too much to ask. My sign in the yard said “Fiocchi…[for] Freeholder”. Apparently, it should have read “Fiocchi…[for] Freeholder but only until he finds something better.” Another disappointment.

  9. Calhoun says:

    A good editorial by the CN on Fiocchi’s plans to run for assembly (http://www.nj.com/cumberland/voices/index.ssf/2011/02/editorial_too_early_for_fiocch.html). It’s like they read my mind or at least my post above. Now if they could only do something about their website. The BEN column and the local news sections are still from yesterday. In general, the letters and editorials are rarely updated. If you took the DJ’s website and combined it with the CN’s local news coverage, the County would have a fairly decent local paper. Miss Matt Dunne though. I enjoyed him coming to the MWatch forum and dropping an f bomb. Anybody hear from him?

  10. Hang 'em High says:

    Isn’t it amazing how nice it is when Lou is mostly out of the picture?

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