Lou is Gone?

I heard tonight that a Democrat politician from Millville was attempting to lure one of the disaffected back into the fold by saying, “Lou is gone.”  My response:  When Jane Christy and Bruce Peterson are invited back, then we will know that Lou is really gone.

5 Responses to Lou is Gone?

  1. Uol Uzzagam says:

    No luring is necessary. There is a large contingent of regular Dems who carried on despite Lou. Jane and Bruce don’t need special invitations. If they are interested they should let someone know. They might be surprised by the response.

  2. Hadit2 says:

    Many of those who continued to allow Magazzu to destroy so many good people are the reason the dem’s have lost the moral authority to govern.
    When you are an enabler, you are the problem.

  3. Uol Uzzagam says:

    You have a choice, remain bitter or get over it. It’s not always easy to move forward but it is easier than staying back and spending your remaining years complaining about what might have been. Step up.

  4. baba says:

    Just heard Lou got a job in DC. What a putz.

  5. Hang 'em High says:

    If he did get a job, just wait a bit – he will get fired, just like he has been from every previous job he has had. He promises what he can’t deliver.

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