Magazzu elected chair of NDCO

How does a man that has never held a real job, that forces taxpayers to pay for his health insurance, that allowed his house to be foreclosed get elected to a prominent position?  As reported on today:

Cumberland County Freeholder Lou Magazzu has been elected Chairman of the National Democratic County Officials (NDCO).

It is not that surprising when you realize that one of his champions is Menendez.

“Lou came to me for advice when he led Cumberland County’s long shot and ultimately successful application to obtain a federal empowerment zone designation,” Menendez said. “His leadership and perseverance turned the concept into a reality. Lou has the right blend of intelligence and common sense to understand that good public policy is the best politics.”

Menendez is a politician so out of touch with the citizens that he demanded that we all pay higher prices to benefit NJ Pharmaceutical companies that contributed to his campaigns. that’s right. He voted to make it illegal for NJ residents to purchase less expensive drugs, forcing us to pay inflated prices set by big Pharm.

I wonder if there is a paycheck involved? Or will Lou have to continue asking others to support him?


4 Responses to Magazzu elected chair of NDCO

  1. mango says:

    Curious…this organization seems to have four officers, President, VP, Secretary & Treasurer. No mention on their website of a “Chairman.” In nonprofits, Chairman of the Board is generally an unpaid, voluntary position. At times a nonprofit will have an unpaid Board Chairman and a paid President. But no mention of a Board on their website.

    Also possible that Lou is becoming paid President, but then, if the President’s office is paid, it most likely wouldn’t be listed on the website in tandem with the other offices (VP, Secretary, Treasurer), which sound like unpaid voluntary Board positions. If all of these positions are voluntary, then one of the other officers should be moving into the President’s position, not someone new.

    Things just don’t add up…we shall see. If there are $$ involved, Lou no doubt has his NACo friends to thank. Doubt anyone local would bail him out. NACo buddies from around the country haven’t seen the damage he has done close up.

  2. byebyeLouie says:

    Lou has to leave with his pride in place. This probably is a precursor to his resignation. Bigger fish to fry excuse by the maggot. Sounds like the high ups want him GONE. They are letting him crow about how important he is. Anything, as long as he steps down.

  3. new2cumberland says:

    Is this a full- time position? What happened to the alternative energy company that he was promoting in the very recent past? Is this guy a poster child for adult ADD or what ? Or is this position a way for him to secure/ continue health benefits if & when his freeholder gig comes to an end?

  4. djstevet says:

    Speaking of Menendez…how is it that NJ gets less from Washington (61 cents for each dollar in federal taxes paid) than any other state. Two useless Senators….Menendez and Lautenberg. West Virginia…one of the poorest states in the country received the most back each year due to Senator Byrd…who recently died. Inexcusable to say the least!

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