National Democrat Group Should Pay for Magazzu’s Health Benefits

I received the follwoing press release from the CCRRO this evening:

Millville, NJ – Since it’s decided to name Freeholder Lou Magazzu as its new Chairman, the National Democratic County Officials (NDCO) organization should pick up the tab for Magazzu’s healthcare benefits so Cumberland County taxpayers no longer have to, charged Cumberland County GOP Chairman Bob Greco today.

“If this national organization thinks so highly of Freeholder Magazzu then they should pick up the tab for his generous healthcare benefits so the hardworking property taxpayers of Cumberland County no longer have to,” said Greco. “It’s an insult to Cumberland County property taxpayers that Freeholder Magazzu would greedily cling to these lucrative benefits for his part-time elected post, and then take on the responsibility of chairing a national organization that will mean even less time spent on his job as a Cumberland County Freeholder.”

Greco called upon NDCO President Linda Langston to reveal whether the NDCO had an official position on whether it was appropriate for part-time elected county officeholders to accept full-time health benefits courtesy of taxpayers.

“Given that this organization is supposed to represent Democrats elected to countywide offices across America, I think it’s important that they take a stand against taxpayers subsidizing full-time benefits for part-time politicians,” said Greco.

In closing, Greco offered his congratulations to Magazzu on the appointment.

“I’m glad to see this attempt at being a national player is apparently turning out better for Lou than the NACO fiasco did,” quipped Greco, recounting Magazzu’s ill-fated, scandal-filled run for 2nd Vice-President of that organization a couple years back.

Greco went on to say maybe Magazzu can get his good friend Freeholder Jane Jannarone a position with NDCO where here health care benefits can be covered and get that burden off the back of the Cumberland County taxpayer.


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  1. Madera county sheriff

    National Democrat Group Should Pay for Magazzu’s Health Benefits | Magazzu Watch

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