Lou and Jane STILL refuse to lead by example

The debate for eliminating taxpayer subsidized health benefits for part-time employees and appointed  members of certain committees continues to rage on. Of the seven part-time Freeholders, only Lou Magazzu and sycophant Jane Jannarone continue to take this very expensive perk. This, during another budget process that promises more lay-offs and property tax increases.

Leave it to Lou and Jane to politicize a common-sense concept.  In order to muddy the waters and exact vengeance upon a Republican foe, they toss a couple oranges into the basket of apples that would be true reform, and a major tax savings. They have the audacity to compare their part-time position as Freeholders, a job that requires a few hours twice monthly, to constitutional positions where the directors work forty hour weeks, or more.

At the same meeting that the Cumberland County freeholders introduced a budget for the next fiscal year, Freeholders Jane Jannarone and Lou Magazzu introduced their own resolution to cut all medical benefits for themselves and others effective this year.

The Freeholders already revoked health benefits to certain part-time employees, while refusing to set examples as true leaders and voluntarily give up their own benefits.

The freeholders in December 2010 approved a resolution ceasing health benefits to certain part-time employees.

Instead of doing the right thing, Lou and Jane have decided to create a political battlefield designed to buy them time and justify their own delay and inaction on the matter. It is very simple, they really should not be hesitating to save the taxpayers some money. Lou has been bragging about his new successful alternate energy business, and still demands that the county taxpayers pick up his health benefits.

Magazzu and Jannarone, both Democrats, have in the past been criticized by the county GOP and some residents who cite Cumberland County’s tight finances.

Jannarone has previously stated she would give up her benefits if Noto, a Republican, would agree to give up her own.

Jane, I realize that you really don’t have the intellectual acumen to comprehend the difference between your part-time position where your duty is to attend two meetings a month, and the full-time responsibility of Gloria Noto. Gloria is a Department Head, responsible not only for an entire department with many employees, but who also fills the position of County Adjuster without salary. That is a savings of about $40,000 a year – multiply it by about ten years and Gloria has done more to save taxpayers money that you ever dreamed of.

Jane and Lou have singled out one full-time department head to be treated differently than every other department head in the county – and it reeks of political machination. It is well past time for them to do the right thing.



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