Magazzu appointed Vice Chair of SJEDD

Does it ever end?

Former SJEDD Secretary Louis Magazzu was appointed as the board’s vice chairman. Magazzu has been a member of the board since 2004, serving as its secretary since 2009. Magazzu is also a Cumberland County freeholder.

The SJEDD has an office on High Street in Millville. Does this mean I will have to see his filthy presence downtown other than when he is campaigning, making empty promises? Can anyone anme any positive benefits of the SJEDD? I don’t know of any offhand. And I wonder, do these positions carry salaries and/or perks?

3 Responses to Magazzu appointed Vice Chair of SJEDD

  1. Calhoun says:

    Yeah, I think it does mean you will be seeing more of Lou. Think of him as your new neighbor. Show some hospitality, Carl, by baking your new neighbor a cake and running it over to the SJEDD office. I hear he likes chocolate.

    You might also want to have him over for cocktails. According to an article in the AC Press, last Tuesday’s Commission meeting featured a movie from Arawak Asphalt entitled “Working It Out Together.” Based on the vote, I don’t think the movie helped Millville and Arawak work things out. However, it might help you and Lou work things out together. Maybe there’s still a copy around town.

    I am having fun with this, but the idea of Carl and Lou being neighbors — even sort-of neighbors — is troubling. Maybe Krull can get the City to create a no-Lou zone around parts of Millville.

    OK enough fun. The recent appts of Lou just look like resume padding to me. I keep hearing he is on his way out, but, if so, why would he take this position with SJEDD? Any updates on his recent venture into alternative energy?

  2. Deep Throat says:

    Nothing to worry about with this SJEDD appointment.
    A freeholder from Cumberland County is appointed by the director to serve on this board. There is no pay and they only meet once a month. Most likely they will hold their meetings by phone conference. Magazzu can call in from anywhere.

  3. new2cumberland says:

    Even with the phone meetings and meeting just once a month along with the other appointment to the NDCO—isn’t there a kind of disconnect—- didn’t he step down from freeholder chair because he needed to focus on his alt energy? Are these appts. just ways for him to network that business?

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