Lou wants to raise taxes AGAIN!

Jane Jannarone backtracked, and Lou suggested that we raise taxes to save the county library.

“I cannot vote for a budget that eliminates our library,” said Freeholder Louis Magazzu. Magazzu was the first to comment and was met with applause.

Each city has a library. The county college has a library. It is past time to insist that these separate entities all cooperate, and consolidate. The idea has been raised on more than one occasion to use the college library as the county headquarters, and save quite a bit of money.

But Jannarone and Dunkins, up for re-election this year, are going to kowtow to a small but vocal group of people that refuse to consider any other option. With the county facing a $10 million deficit next year, difficult decisions must be made. Jane and Dunkins are rpoving they are unable to make those difficult decisions.

And King Lou. Louie, Louie. Let’s raise taxes! Of course, that is what Lou Magazzu does EVERY YEAR that he is not running for election. No surprise there. He knows a tax increase this year will be forgotten by the time he is up for re-election – if he decides to run. He also knows that closing the county library will not be forgotten so quickly. Hence, his pandering, and refusal to consider options that would actually save the county money.


6 Responses to Lou wants to raise taxes AGAIN!

  1. Calhoun says:

    I don’t think it’s fair to single Lou out here. Afterall, Sam Fiocchi also doesn’t want the library closed. And Sam has more on the (immediate) political line, if he sticks with his plan to run for the state assembly, than the other freeholders. So there appear to be four freeholders who oppose the closure of the county library: Magazzu, Jannarone, Fiocchi, and Dunkins.

    While I fully acknowledge that the role libraries play in communities has changed, as so much info is now accessible on the internet, I also know that this isn’t in and of itself a reason to shutter them. And one can argue that we need to consolidate our libraries, but that same argument could have been made twenty years ago. I see libraries as a refuge. I used to go to the County library to study, even though the Millville library was closer. Why? There were more books there and it was quieter. People who are trying to better themselves need to have refuges to do that, and libraries still do that. Yeah, you can get the info at home but if you come from a big home, like I did, the home can be louder and not conducive to studying. I also remember being at the County library a few years ago and hearing a Bridgeton kid talk about how his mom dropped him off to do some work here on a school project he was working on. He couldn’t work at home because the internet service at home had been cut off.

    Also can the County College accommodate all the books at the Cumerland County library? Also, kids from Bridgeton can’t get there as easy as they can the current location. Like I said we need more study refuges not less.

    Right now our county freeholders and state politicians are attacking the budget deficit by attacking our libraries and health institutions, like the Vineland Development Center and County Manor. Pretty gutless if you ask me. The kids that use our libraries, the mentally handicapped in the Development Center (and yes the dynamics here are also changing) and the old folks in the manor don’t have much in the way of unions or PACS to speak up for them. They’re the low hanging fruit in this budget battle. And like or not, I will applaud those, even Magazzu, that resist this fruit, even if their reasoning is political.

    I don’t see the freeholders suspending any of the political goodies they dole out every meeting in the form of contracts. And if the Rs take over in November I bet this pork will continue.

    I’m sorry but I am with Lou on this one. As he said, when the lights go out at the library they won’t go back on, and some kid out there will lose his refuge. If Banker Whelan, Farmer Sheppard, and Retired Kirstein are comfortable with that so be it. I am not.

    I voted for Kirstein and Fiocchi in November and was impressed with them up until they took their oaths. Upon there oaths of office, Sam almost immediately decided to run for state assembly and Carl felt the need to tell us at the first freeholder meeting that his election was an act of God. P.U. to both. While, I don’t regret not voting for Pepitone and Thompson, I am having regrets about voting for Sam and Carl.

    Fight the good fight Lou. maybe your motives are suspect. But I don’ care.

  2. Who knew? says:

    Who remembers when Lou was dead set against saving the county library? Think back to maybe 2001 or 2002.

  3. JamesRSauro says:

    First, Sam is running for the first Legislative district. This vote won’t affect him.
    Second, Who Knew. I remember. The whole time I was on the freeholder board Lou wanted to shut down the library. But considered it a political liability. Well I agree with him on the first part. It should be shut down.
    Third, He was for selling the Manor. Again I agree with him. But he doesn’t have the intestinal fortitude to follow through with it. We should not be in the health care business.

    One day politicians will start doing what is right. Making the other four libraries stronger is more important than saving the one at the administration building.

  4. Maybe says:

    Just how many people actually use the county library? I’ve been there a couple times and never saw another person in the place. The county has routinely failed to provide funding to the library so the books and publications are seriously outdated. The politicians claim it’s for the kids but are the kids supposed to walk, ride their bikes, or take the bus? The fact is that the library is too far from the population centers. Even the county college library is outdated and most of the students only use it as a study hall between classes. The reality is that the library was built as an excuse to create a building for other county interests. If Magazzu and his crew were serious about this being a quality library they would have made it a priority over the past decades. Now that they have finally strangled the life out of it they act surprised. Why do people always seem to forget that Magazzu only has one thing on his mind at all times: Lou Magazzu. His dog and pony show is nothing more than a smoke screen because he knows a tax increase will not fly in the current environment. Lou has one thing in mind and that is simply getting his hands on the space in that building to expand the administration services and to create Freeholder offices.

  5. Deep Throat says:

    Magazzu is doing what Magazzu always does. He could not care less what happens to the library.
    He dug the county into a financial hole as the finance chair and director. He stepped down as director from pressure from the political powerhouses in Trenton.
    He gave the finance positions to Whalen & 2 Republicans so he can snipe at everything they recommend to solve the financial crisis. He is gone almost all the time. He just shows up in town enough
    to undermine Whalen at every turn.
    Remember, Magazzu wanted to close the County Library. He promoted selling the Manor. He put the lease together that put the Social Services in a huge hole to give a long time former client a sweetheart lease. If the Improvement Authority had purchased the Prudential Building at Wheaton Village to lease to Social Services,( Magazzu killed this deal) the rent would be substanially less and the profits would be going to the Improvement Authority for Economic projects.This savings would easily kept the Social Services office open in Bridgeton.
    If he wants the office kept open, all he has to do is tell his hand picked board to do it.

  6. new2cumberland says:

    Deep Throat: Conspiracy Theory Alert; Maguzzu might just be posturing to close S.S. in Bridgeton only to have it saved by some action by Mayor Kelly. This may make his political ally look lie a hero after getting faced over trying to keep the DMV open in Bridgeton.

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