Who is the freeholder director?

In today’s Ben column:

“I watched the freeholder work session on Tuesday night.
“I’m a little confused.
“Who is the freeholder director?
“Bill Whelan or Lou Magazzu?
“If it’s Whelan, he’s got to grow some canolis and be the director.
“Also, Mr. Magazzu has to stop bad mouthing the unions about taking cuts when he’s the one who gave them their raises in 2010 to help him get re-elected.
“He knew then that some of the departments didn’t have the money to give them and run their departments the right way, and he sits there and comes off like he’s ticked at the unions, when he’s the one that created the problems.
“A 2.5 percent raise per year will get a lot of votes.
“And, in closing, Mr. Lou had better pick another target at meetings.
“Mr. Sam Fiocchi may be more than he can handle.’’
— irate taxpayer


7 Responses to Who is the freeholder director?

  1. Dean Hawk says:

    At the very first meeting when Mr Whelan became Freeholder Director I noticed the the name plates showing the seating arrangements for all of the Freeholders had Ms Jennarone next to Mr Whelan, then Mr. Magazzu, then Mr Kirstein on the end. I thought it was a good idea to have Mr. Magazzu further out of the center.
    Mr. Magazuu and Ms. Jennarone were the last of the Freeholders to enter this meeting.
    The next time I looked up the name plates were reversed and Mr. Magazzu was placed right next to the Director.
    At that point I knew there would be an uphill battle to keep Mr. Magazzu in line.
    I have been waiting for the Director to professionally inform Mr. Magazzu that he decided not to run for the center seat and he should not be acting like he is still the Director.
    I will contiue to go to the meetings with the hope I will be there when Mr. Whelan does finally get fed up and lets Mr. Magazzu have it. I will be interesting.

  2. Happy Camper says:

    The biggest surprise is that BEN didn’t come rushing, as usual, to defend Lou. Read the local gossip column with any regularity (okay, I’ll confess to it) and you know that whenever Lou was slighted in the past, BEN would leap like a loyal pit-bull to Lou’s defense. Has the passion gone out of their relationship? Or is it possible that even BEN can’t defend this clown anymore?

  3. new2cumberland says:

    The author of that BEN column will most definitely come to the defense of Maguzzu, if for no other reason than “Lou slurps his coffee”….I have absolutely no idea what that means. It is just a matter of timing I think. The BEN column will put out whatever message Maguzzu wants whenever he gives the word. It is a total gossip column, but since I don’t know very many of the characters(literally)…. California Connie!!!??? Why do we care what someone in CA has to say about local news? Doesn’t CA have enough budget problems for her to comment???? So just wait, BEN will do a six degrees of separation or some other lame move to try to prove that Maguuzu is some kind of genius, rather than a self interested, self promoting pol.

  4. Calhoun says:

    Hi Dean, I remember a nameplate problem involving Magazzu and Jannarone but not on the first meeting on 3 Jan. with all the swearing-in ceremonies. On 3 Jan., the nameplates were turned inward, so the public could not see who’s name was where, and the freeholders initially sat alphabetically, with Dunkins on the audience’s far left and Whelan on the far right. After the election of Whelan and Dunkins as Director and Deputy Director, the freeholders then took their respective positions where they currently sit. Maybe you got there early and noticed something different than what I saw?

    I do recall that on the 27 January meeting Magazzu’s and Jannarone’s nameplates were initially switched, Jannarone’s being next to Whelan’s. This would later be fixed.

    While it may seem like a good idea to have Magazzu sit further away from Director Whelan, I think there is a longstanding protocol rooted in seniority that dictates otherwise. The more seniority one has, the closer to the center one sits, with the more senior person at a given position being on the center’s right. So the seating chart for our freeholders would be 6,4,2,1,3,5,7.

    However, the freeholder director and deputy director take the most senior positions irrespective of their seniority on the board. So that puts Whelan in the 1 (center) spot and Dunkins in the 2 spot (i.e., to Whelan’s right). Magazzu has the most seniority on the board so he gets the 3 spot. Jannarone has the next most seniority of the freeholders left and I would have thought that this would have her siting next to Dunkins, but she is seated next to Magazzu, with Sheppard, next in line, sitting next to Dunkins. The two most recently, elected freeholders (Fiocchi, Kirstein), occupy the outermost seats, since they have the least amount of seniority.

    I think most boards and courts follow this kind of arrangement. Until such a time that Lou leaves the board, we’re stuck with him sitting next to Director Whelan. It’s the price we pay for County voters re-electing Lou every time he is up for election.

  5. Jennifer Swift says:

    In my twelve years on the board, the only protocol we followed was that the director sat in the middle position. We moved the nameplates to wherever we wanted to sit on any given night. In my last few years, we all tried to get to the meeting early, so we didn’t have to sit next to Lou !

  6. Guess-Who says:

    The FUNNIEST thing is, WHO the _ _ _ _ cares WHAT any of U have to Say!!!!

    Past & Present FREELOADERS ops Freeholders chiming in is beyond comprehension for some & for others it is a Good Laugh.

    Sit Here Sit There; Just sit the _ _ _ _ Down & START WORKING on behalf of the PEOPLE in Cumberland County.

    Independents will be taking over this County of Cumberland, NJ & the D’s & R’s KNOW these Facts as They are Stubborn Things!

    Worthless Individuals is WHAT is & has been in POWER here in Scumberland County, always L{.}{.}King Out for their OWN.

    A Reality Check is TRULY needed for some as they believe that they are Above Others in this County.

    Having Political Power is only a FIGMENT of Ones IMAGINATION.

    Ideas that PRODUCE the RESULTS Essential to FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY are Lacking & have been Lacking for YEARS under both Political Party’s.

    CLUELESS & WORTHLESS in Cumberland County best Describes WHAT is Trying to Run the Show from both sides of the Aisle.

    The PICNIC is over & Don’t forget to Pick-UP the Litter & Trash that U & U have left behind.

    It is Time to EMPTY the TRASH Can, It’s FULL of ur _ _ _ _.

    L{.}{.}K for Peaceful Protesters to fill the Streets before long with one VOICE.

    The Party is OVER!!!!!!!
    U might Think different about It, but ur OPINION is like an Asshole,everyone has 1.

    CHECKS and BALANCE make the County a Better Place

  7. Calhoun says:

    That’s sounds like a good protocol Jennifer! But during the 3 January meeting the nameplates were set up with a fixed seating, the one they have been using, although they were turned inward. Once the director and deputy director were elected, the freeholders then moved to where their nameplates were and the flipped them over. Maybe that is where they want to sit, but it follows pretty parallel to their seniority on the board. During the musical chairs on 3 Jan. I do remember Lou saying that he didn’t have to move (he was sitting in the spot just left of center and was the only one not to move) because of his seniority. Maybe they’ve gone to the seniority system to deal with the “no one wants to sit next to Lou” problem!

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