Rumor – Team Jeff Van Drew steals votes

I was sent this anonymous message this evening. As of yet, it is unconfirmed. Can any of our Democrat friends out there comment?

You might be interested to know that at today’s Democratic Committee meeting a member who stood to run against Lou’s political boss Jeff van Drew had his entire nominating petition stolen by one of van Drew’s supporters. And one member was seen tearing another nominating petition (although no one knows whose) in half after most of the crowd had gone. Destroying signed petitions two days before the deadline? When no offices are even open to get replacements? Is this how Lou and Jeff keep their candidates nominated over and over?


5 Responses to Rumor – Team Jeff Van Drew steals votes

  1. WuLi says:

    Here is the content of that link, by Pab Sungenis:

    Today was the meeting of the Cumberland County Democratic Committee, and I got up to speak about Jeff van Drew and why I was running against him. A number of committee members commented on my “bravery” and expressed their support for my positions. I did have to verbally slap down one friend who brought up the “single issue voter” matter, but we made up at the end.

    “I did not win the committee endorsement, but I had not expected to. Van Drew is very well entrenched and is supported by the regional machine, so I knew I wasn’t going to get the party line on the ballot.

    “But then I had a nasty shock. This the first time I’ve ever gone into a political meeting with a nominating petition and left with fewer signatures than I entered with. When I went to collect my petition from the table where all the different candidates hoping to get on the primary ballot placed their petitions for supporters to sign, all of the pages of signatures I’d already collected were removed from my petition, leaving me with nothing but a pack of blank signature pages and my candidate endorsements.

    “Since the deadline is Monday, and there is no way I can realistically replace more than 100 signatures in a day and a half, this effectively ends my candidacy. The machine triumphs, and the “brave” GLBT candidate is lauded, but forced off the ballot by the oldest means.”

  2. Calhoun says:

    Pab should go to the papers with what happened. Also, he should consider running as an independent in the fall election.

    Van Drew these days is generally considered a shoo-in, but the newly drawn First District will present a bit more of a challenge for him (and Albano and Milam) as the municipalities lost (Buena etc.) were more or less reliably Democratic, whereas the municipalities added to the First District (Commercial, Downe, Fairfield, Greenwich, Hopewell, Lawrence, Shiloh, Stowe Creek) trend more Republican.

    Of course, it would have been logical to move Bridgeton into the First District as well. However, greedy hog Sweeney did not want to cede that Democratic plum over to Van Drew and Co. in the First District, so he held onto it. Thus Sweeney’s Third District, with the loss of most of western Cumberland County (good R areas) and the retention of Bridgeton (a solid D city), became less competitive and Van Drew’s Fist District became more competitive. Sweeney’s losses are his gains; Van Drew’s gains are his losses.

    Sweeney and his henchmen sell the new boundaries on the basis that they couldn’t lose Bridgeton because Celeste Riley (a Bridgeton resident) would have been moved out of the Third District. They also claim putting more of Cumberland Co. into the First District helps Albano and Milam, who are both from Cumberland County (Vineland). Both arguments are bogus. First, Riley probably would not have much trouble establishing a residency in Upper Deerfield or Deerfield Twps., if she truly wanted to remain in politics. Also, it is doubtful that Vinelanders Albano and Milam are household names over in Shiloh Borough and Stowe Creek Township and the rest of western Cumberland County.

    But I digress, I hope Pab does pursue this matter and I hope some disaffected Dems begin to speak out against the Ds in the First District. It is no secret that Van Drew has bigger ambitions and we would all do the state a service by trying to stop that from happening. One way to do so is for there to be more opposition to him and his lackeys (Albano and Milam).

    Carl is right that Van Drew is an embarrassment. He is the master of sponsoring pointless feel-good legislation that does nothing but further his image while gumming up the state legislature. If I had a pimple on my ass, I bet I could get Van Drew to sponsor legislation addressing it.

    Disaffected Dems proved the undoing of the Dems in last year’s Cumberland County freeholder race. Maybe they could do the same in next year’s state election for the First District.

    If there were a bipartisan website like this one that were to keep watch over Van Drew (I have a whole filing cabinet drawer on him), I would be happy to be involved. If anyone is thinking about this let me know with an e-mail. I think it is needed.

  3. new2cumberland says:

    Question–is this Sungenis related to Nancy Sungenis that I sometimes see mentioned in other Magizzu posts? It is an unusual name.

  4. This is really low . The members of this so called organization who are good hard working and honest. Americans should break away from this kind. Of dictactorship and form an honest and pround organization.

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