Dunkins not seeking re-election

In today’s News:

Cumberland County Democratic Party officials stated Monday that Freeholder Deputy Director James Dunkins will not be seeking re-election in November

Perhaps he, too, is fed up with the underhanded and possibly criminal activity that occurs within the confines of the Cumberland County Democratic Organization?

In his place will be Carol Musso. Apparently she has no problem with stolen petitions at a county organization meeting. if she does have a problem with her peers stealing petitions, we would like to hear from her.

7 Responses to Dunkins not seeking re-election

  1. new2cumberland says:

    Never really heard of her before this post. Is she one of the Democratic party members who is in solid with Mr. Magazzu? I hate to assume, but the fact she is one the ticket with Ms. Jannarone & Mr. Wheelan give me a bit of a pause. Though some may think Mr Wheelan more of an independent mind, I haven’t really seen evidence to date—should be an interesting election cycle.

  2. Deep Throat says:

    She actually despises Magazzu. He has disrespected the elected officals of Deerfield Township for years.
    Claire Miller and Joe Veights days on the CCIA are numbered if she wins.

  3. WuLi says:

    I really would like to hear her speak out about the purloined and destroyed petitions. However, I would trade her for a Jannarone any day of the week.

    The point is, NOBODY gets to run in the CCDO without Lou’s blessing and some sort of inside deal, some promises he has made (that he will break if it becomes inconvenient) to get the candidates to tow the Lou Party Line.

  4. Who knew? says:

    Deep Throat, she’s not going to do anything about those two characters on the CCIA Bd. She was best friends with Wymbs and never stood up for him when it was obvious he was going down. She is afraid of Lou. She won’t rock his boat.

  5. new2cumberland says:

    Thanks for the backstories. I remember the Wymbs incident—Ranier(sp?) took his place, right—no experience same salary. Lives out of county @ the shore. Best friend huh? With friends like that you don’t need enimies. I guess Harry Truman was right–in politics you want a friend buy a dog. I’m paraphrasing.

  6. new2cumberland says:

    p.s.—off topic, where did Wymbs end up? Anyone know? Did he just retire?

  7. baba says:

    So Dunkins asked God for advise and was told don”t run. I guess that is a vote against Lou from on high. Jane invoked God also. Was that a different God that told her to run? I’m so confused.

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